HelloBar – Drive Traffic. Capture Emails. So Much More

Hello Bar helps you improve the effectiveness of your website. HelloBar lets you add a full-width bar at the top of your blog which can be used for driving traffic to your squeeze pages, resource pages or a particular blog post.

You can also use HelloBar to drive traffic to your affiliate links, capture emails and much more. Think of HelloBar as a tool to drive your existing traffic to any page of your choice.


8 responses to “HelloBar – Drive Traffic. Capture Emails. So Much More”

  1. John Chapman Avatar

    Looks interesting although I don't use WordPress and HATE popups which appear before the visitor has seen anything.

  2. Shaareable Apps Avatar

    How do you do those animations and where do you get your graphics??? They are so nice!!!

  3. Edu Meily Avatar

    can i connect my hello bar email collector to my mailchimp? so that I have just one email collected storage.

  4. Sophie's Foodie Files Avatar

    Thanks! Very useful info! 🙂

  5. Will's Personal-Development Show Avatar

    I have the SumoMe Hello bar right now. Is this better? I dont want to add more lag with another plugin. Thoughts?

  6. Joe Chu Joechu8899 Avatar

    Please note you may turn the voice louder. I would be better for us to listen.Thanks

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