HostGator 35% Discount – Exclusive

Coupon Code: ThirtyFive

HostGator recently contacted me to offer me and all my viewers an exclusive 35% discount. If you are in need of hosting, enter ThirtyFive at to use this coupon. This is the biggest coupon online. Thanks HostGator!






41 responses to “HostGator 35% Discount – Exclusive”

  1. Big Smooth Avatar

    Do you also make phone apps

  2. Hi Junior Avatar

    Hi Tyler,

    Is this discount code still effective?

    Thanks so much for help!

  3. Fad Gag Avatar

    Are those Addons on Hostgator site necessary??? 

  4. 4EVerNuker Avatar


    Ignore my last post. The 35% discount code does work, it just doesnt show the -35% text next to the price anymore. The price reduces with 35% tho. I discovered this when i cancelled the order and didnt put any discount code in (and looked at the price). Next step was add the ThirtyFive code and the price did reduce. SO… for people that gonna use the code, this is your headup 😀

    I ordered the Baby package using the ThirtyFive code!

  5. Creative-Alia Avatar

    How will they keep this discount?

  6. Lydon Avatar

    is this still available?

  7. randy Walston Avatar

    This video is fun, clear and encouraging.  In "How To Make A WordPress Website – AMAZING," you switch from admin to visit site.  When I visited my site,  It has hot admin links: SITE ADMIN and LOG OUT/LOGIN.  The visitor site has open links to admin privileges.  Even in your video at 18:06, it says "Howdy, admin." I thought /wp-admin was different from the regular site.

  8. Ifenna Maduka Avatar

    How do I use the 35% coupon, Tyler? Am from Nigeria.

  9. Ifenna Maduka Avatar

    Hi Tyler, how do I use your reference coupon code, cuz I want to sign up with hostgator. Urgent reply will be appreciated. Thanks for your videos though, helping a lot.

  10. Zebah Zalmunnah Avatar

    You are brilliant! Thank you for this invaluable training you provide on videos. Very spot on and way better than reading books, I think. THANK YOU TYLER!

  11. Unconditioned Roots Avatar

    Hi Tyler, I'm from the UK I'm finding your Vlogs very useful thanks for the help. I'm trying to get the 35% off at Host Gator but its not working, why is that? Can you help please? Thank you x

  12. CHRIS HALL Avatar

    What about renewing the hosting?

  13. Buddy Known Avatar

    Coupon still works for Hosting

  14. Zworykin Joarque Avatar

    this coupon still exists? 

  15. lonepanther Avatar

    is this coupon still exists? because i recently watched your videos to learn how to create wordpress. it would be awesome to 35 percent off

  16. mikaquarto Avatar

    your videos are so helpful, thank you so much!

  17. henry tan Avatar

    how can i do SEO?

  18. Ariel Castillo Avatar

    Hi Tyler,

    I have a question regarding the coupon code. The 35% applies only for the first payment or is it applied monthly?

  19. Eric Martin Avatar

    Hey Tyler,

    I didn't see this vid, I used the old code coupon for %25 percent,  is there a way I can get the  35% ?

    Thanks you're the best


  20. Klaggy Avatar

    ThirtyFive works on 12/4 – thank you for your videos!

  21. Pankaj Gupta Avatar

    Hey Tyler,
    I am from India and want to create a play school website. Could you help me Please!!

  22. Thierry Delage Avatar

    Me I am from France so I will not need this, but thanks a lot.
    best regard

  23. Glen Smith Avatar

    Still works today Tyler ! Rock and Roll Canada

  24. Mr.Tutor U Avatar

    Hey would you recommend or some other hosting site? I like hostgator or godaddy cpanel but I'd like to be able to have more viewers. Do you recommend me getting wpengine or somethong else?

  25. Adam C. 1535 Avatar

    Oh, I'm sorry. The code does work 🙂

  26. Adam C. 1535 Avatar

    I just tried it, doesn't seem to work anymore 🙁

  27. Juanita Beach Avatar

    Wow, this is great! I've been watching your videos for the last couple weeks, you know, research, research, research… :)… you're great!!! I'm doing this this weekend!!!

  28. Kelly Williams Avatar

    I am find the same thing. The discount is applied now as I register, however the billing cycle information does not change from 20% off to 35%, so I am unsure if the discount is for the first month or ongoing.

    Does anyone know if it is an introductory offer or ongoing offer? Thank you.

  29. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks, Kimberly!

  30. Kimberly Davis Avatar

    Tyler, i took it upon myself to Buffer share this w/my audience. I love ur generosity. Hope life is treating u well too!! Happy Halloween!

  31. trifanium Avatar

    hey Tyler, amazing stuff you do. Thanks for that and keep up the good work.
    I have one issue, maybe you or people around here can clarify it.

    When i do a new subscription with hostgator i choose monthly paypal as billing method with coupon. The thing is that first month is with discount, but after that normal price, no 30 or 35% discount!? weird.
    I guess i should go with yearly…. Any thoughts, experiences, suggestions about this? thanks a lot!

  32. Ocean Ocean Avatar

    Hallo Tyler i like your video very much and want to join soon. can you please tell me how to make a online webside like ebay? coz i want to open i website for all those who want to sell there item. thank you

  33. Tyler Moore Avatar

    its for when you are signing up for hosting for the first time.

  34. ladynj33 Avatar

    Is this code only for a new website ????

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