How Big Companies Got Their Names! | Creative Bar

Thanks for watching Creative Bar! This week we talked about how different businesses and companies got their names.

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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7 responses to “How Big Companies Got Their Names! | Creative Bar”

  1. Саша Денисова Avatar

    Hey guys! Thanks for doing this! listening to you while doing my illustration stuff! Naome is so sweeet!!! Greetings from Russia!

  2. Matthew Gerrard Avatar

    I've worked for tesco and its a good company who help people gain job experience and reward you for the work you put and and also educate children from local schools and aid charity's

  3. Skylux Studios Avatar

    This is Interesting :

  4. SoullessAbandon Avatar

    Really enjoying this series, entertaining and informative 😀

  5. Vicente Puig Avatar

    Apple got his name because of Steve's diet, but the movie said that they got Apple because is was simple and it would be like in the first pages of the phone guides.

  6. Tomislav Artz Avatar

    i knew these stories already but did you know that there are companies which are specialized on finding brand and company names? Also Steve Jobs was on a Apple only diet aswell, then he switched to all kinds of fruits. The Apple seemed easy and relatable to everybody so he took it until they came up with something better which they never did I guess

  7. T1M NZ Avatar

    Another cool one is Nike, named after the goddess of victory 🙂

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