How Can Your Office Win You Clients?

A serviced-based business knows the importance of winning and of course maintaining, clients. Much of the focus on winning is usually around what they can do for the client’s organisation, but a side that does not get as much attention is what the client sees in their potential provider. Sure, they are able to devise great strategies help their business, but is everything at home ok for them? If the provider doesn’t have their house – or in this case their office – in check, then how do they expect to look after someone else’s? We have a look at ways your office can help you win over those clients.


Have a well thought out office layout and furnishing

If a client walks into your office would they be impressed with the layout and the furnishing? If they are unable to navigate their way around because no one has attended to them when they entered, or the signs are confusing, what do you think their impression will be? If your offices are poorly designed, what makes you think what you can do for them is any better? Having a manned reception ready to greet them when they enter is important, as well as clean and comfortable seats to wait in. Consider installing visitor management systems to allow for a more efficient and streamlined process when visitors come for meetings and such.


A good layout needs good furnishing to complement it. Simple, sleek but functional furniture would be an ideal option, but would depend on the type of organisation. Invest in hiring an interior designer if you are planning on redesigning the office, and ensure that it is welcoming to potential and current clients.


Consider your colour scheme carefully

Sure, you may want to keep the colours neutral or even matching your organisational colours, but having certain colours can initiate certain feelings within people. Green and blue are known to inspire creativity, while earthy shades give off a relaxing feeling, so it is important to consider where you would like these colours to be shown. The green and blue may be better for the general workspaces, while the earthy shades would be better in the reception area. If you clients are relaxed and comfortable when they arrive, this bodes well for any decisions in your favour.


Blur the lines between man-made and nature

It has be studied that plants in an office environment can aid relaxation and stress relief, which is exactly what is needed in many offices. However, the way they are beginning to be implemented is that modern offices are starting to integrate nature into the workspace, with walls covered in plants used not only for aesthetic, but also to improve people’s mood. While such offices are not overly common at the moment, having an office in such a style is bound to make it more memorable, and possibly a selling point that the organisation cares about its people and is also up-to-date with trends.






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