How I Taught Myself to Make Video Games

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39 responses to “How I Taught Myself to Make Video Games”

  1. Italo Rangel Avatar

    Is it weird that I started out the exact same way? I started basically the same way, even the part about making up games with your friends! It blows my mind to see someone that I watch for help in GML started out exactly like how I am right now! Good luck to everyone making games out there!

  2. BilliThePig Avatar

    I wanna start making games as well (just for fun), i'm using Construct 2 but I suck at drawing anything and I don't have the patience to open up paint and do a thing

  3. GiraffeKey Avatar

    When I was 9 was when I actually started planning games and had some pretty good ideas, I was pretty creative back then. Wasn't until 7th grade when I started learning how to make them though. I took a computer applications class and near the end of the course we started making things with gamemaker and it totally blew my balls off. So I did the same thing, watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials and made some REALLY crappy games that I actually though were somehow good (some were actually quite fun though when I went back and played them). One of my relatives tipped me that gamemaker wasn't the way to go though, and told me to check out Python. Well it was me searching around for python when I discovered Java, however I used BlueJay or some crap and didn't find Eclipse until I started learning how to make Minecraft mods. I think one mod I made now has 14k or 16k downloads now, I don't follow it's progress anymore (however I do find some pride in the fact that my mod name is a result on google). To this day, I am 16 now, and I still watch thenewboston tutorials and have become very fluent in Java and OpenGL, and just love game design.

  4. fLUFFYbUFF Avatar

    I started programming in Unity about 3 years ago when I was 10 and then I saw Gamemaker. I tried to out and eventually moved to that.

  5. The Red Cup Avatar

    I am pretty sure this is the channel that started me off using GMS2 because I watched a bunch of the tutorials. You are a great channel for the tutorials, and this helped me more than any other Youtuber. I subscribed, and I watch many of these videos. Thanks for the channel!

  6. David - Avatar

    Omg I watched that same video when I was like 10 xD

  7. Emmet Casey Avatar

    You should remaster your old games and show how you made them

  8. Black Tabby Avatar

    Im the same but i didnt understand some of the tutorials and i just did what they did. I started with Game Maker too but now i use Construct 2.

  9. mydestinyishunter channel Avatar

    hey RealTutsGML I am just starting game developing I have been going back and fourth through Softwares and I finally decided on GameMaker studio I just finished your tutorial on pong and I am really impressed with myself but now I don't where to go from here do you have any tips for an 11-year-old

  10. Heronite Avatar

    lol I watching youtube videos too!!!!But they don't help me much 🙁

  11. Aaron Edvalson Avatar

    I wonder how many people are starting out like this… I just got hooked on the aspiration a little over a week ago. My biggest hurdle is that most tuts are not in GMS2 and that translating from their older tuts to the new software is tricky.

  12. Painmore Avatar

    1:59 OMFG I THOUGHT THE SAME AS A KID AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuT?!?! Boy, that's weird

  13. Triston W Avatar

    Youve come a long way dude. good job

  14. Ibrahim Man Avatar

    anyone wanna team up? I use unity. I can code basic js, i make music and i do level design.

  15. Cypress Grella Avatar

    I started out making board games with sharpies and cardboard boxes. I made a super cool rpg one I made where the different tiles could give you buffs and debuffs. id make a new board every week and play it with my friends so it was always new. I also used to use dice from my yahtzee game when playing with action figures much like d&d which I didn't even know about at the time. Ah good times.

  16. MatrxMC - Matrx007 Avatar

    I was 6 or 7 when I started making games, watched yt videos with subtitles and so cuz im not from england or sth but im now 12 and make good games, but I eed graphigs somewhere cuz my own made graphigs are not so good plus iI dont have credit card so I can't by assets anywhere. But game logic is good in my games, I have made over 200 little games and some big games, I'm working right now on game like Minecraft maps system + GTA game logic or sth like that… I really like your vids, sometimes Im watching HeartBeast videos but I need to watch only YOUR videos to get something done 😀 Good vids, really….

  17. Narmy of Narnopes Avatar

    Watching unity 5 survival shooter tutorial, ended up here :'D

  18. pokepoke guy Avatar

    you're the one i look upto now!

  19. zoyeb shaikh Avatar

    I am weak in mathematics but my concepts about in programming is great so that my main concern is mathematics that you have used in all games. so could you please tell me which topics i need to cover to improve my maths ability.

  20. Máté Tóth-Csák Avatar

    It is depressing that so many of you started it at a very young age, and here I am, 21and I literally have no experience.

  21. Hazeop Avatar

    when I was about 7 or 8 me and my friends used to pretend to have pokemon battles and we made it fair by using real moves and what was effective and non effective, and in general I've always been into what makes video game good since a young age. I've been taking game design and simulation since my freshmen year of highschool and have learned 3ds max, mudbox, photoshop, and now I've been teaching myself gamemaker for the past year and I plan to go to college for game art as well. I also thought that every frame was created by the game developers when I was very young too, I know exactly what you're talking about. Crazy how small off we all start.

  22. Kid Icarus Avatar

    Good speech presentation. You would make a good salesman.

  23. Kareem ABNORMAL Avatar

    Man u are the best!! but what do u use for java

  24. Local Nashiora Avatar

    I remember also thinking that games were a sequence of pre-rendered frames, I thought really hard about it and was really impressed with it as well lol. Oh, what it is to be like 7.

  25. Daan Avatar

    I started with basic games in 4th grade, they would name an idea and i would tell if i could do it, later i decided to take challenges like an 1 hour time limit, or a game that i never had thought to make, well now its 5 years later and making a lot od games and placing top 3 in computer s*** in school

  26. Tubbles Avatar

    What should I use to learn java?

  27. Novaski Avatar

    The easier way for me to learn about coding and making a video would be to copy a game, like if there was someone who made an actual game and made tutorials step by step, thats how we rly learn stuff
    But either the game isnt interesting or the youtuber isnt or he stops making tutorial half way, everytime there is something :'(

  28. Brian Calma Avatar

    Dude please do make your audio louder 😉

  29. Edo Maker Avatar

    I made my youtube channel for the same reason, I couldn't find tutorials about the thing I wanted to do. And now I've made some tutorials I'm really proud of like the lighting tutorial or how to make a top down shooter with shells and lasers and a minimap…

  30. tommynator97 Avatar

    I started the same way!!!! WTF!? also we had the same illusion of how games worked… Dafuq?rrrr

  31. UltraBlizter dep Avatar

    thanx sooo learning java atm and it kinda hard but u teach me not to give up ..u motivate me

  32. Gerold55 Avatar

    can u please remake the Minecraft 2d tutorial?

  33. Brony 22 Avatar

    back when i first started using gamemaker, it was verson 4.2 and there wasnt no youtube or anything at the time to help me. so i just experimneted with the code and started to understand it, and now i use gamemaker 8 (i wont upgrade to GMS)

  34. DaMuffin! Avatar

    is there a way to make game maker studio play videos in the game?

  35. da Costa Avatar

    Great video man, much appreciated. I wanted to apply to a games design course in university but sadly, due to bureaucracy, won't be able to attend this year. I am going to apply next year. I found out they are going to work for quite some time with Unity. I know Unity uses C#. I've dabbled in html and javascript a year ago so OOP terms like variables, methods, etc aren't completely unfamiliar to me. My question is: should I learn C# before start learning Unity? What's your suggestion?

  36. All hail our lord and savior Killer keemstar Avatar

    Could you make a vid on how to make a simpel platformer fighting game with game maker studios 2

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