How I Taught Myself to Make Video Games

In this clip, I talk about how I learned how to make video games. It was a process of trial and error, and learning was done through web resources and books. It doesn’t take a genius, and anyone who tells you that is either trying to promote themselves or doesn’t understand the learning process. Truthfully, anyone can learn to build games if they really want to. If you want to learn to make your own games, I provide a 4 step process that will take you from start to finish… multiple times. If this content helped you, make sure to subscribe 🙂 We highly suggest you leave us any comments or feedback that would aid in bettering the production of these tutorials. Additionally, subscribing to us will help us to better engage you (the audience) such that we can improve our tutorials even further!

game development in c++
game development for beginners
game development time lapse
game development in Java/LibGDX
game development in unreal engine
game development behind the scenes
game development for android
game development for HTML5
Difficulty Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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34 responses to “How I Taught Myself to Make Video Games”

  1. mega minion crew crew Avatar

    this is how start a game not how to make

  2. Max Thomas Avatar

    good for you ive installed 3 programming platforms and 2 versions of visual and studio and none of them work on my almost a £1000 computer

  3. skullreaper media Avatar

    answer nowI'm 9 so*1 what coding language should i use*2 what program for coding should i use*3 what program for art should i use

  4. Real Review Avatar

    how about levelinf up skills games what is a good program for that

  5. Hexivoid Avatar

    2:32 "For the most part"

  6. BlueCreeperCraft Avatar

    4:25 i wasnt listening, i was focused on how horrible you are at tetris

  7. Golan360 Avatar

    tl;dr : He is really bad at Tetirs.

  8. Jed Magallon Avatar

    I was expecting an procedure not a bragging about achivements. Sorry.

  9. Entity Crusher Avatar

    I swear when it said "polish" (like polishing a car) i thought he said Polish (like the ppl from Poland) XD

  10. Enrique Torres Avatar

    Wait what's the first game he ever did?

  11. creativeKnowledge Mike Avatar

    Question Im looking for the things Id have to learn how to create a game. for example Coding node js and stuff like that will help me understand so when i really look at it?

  12. Sam Avatar

    ur tetris gameplay wasso distracting that i kept focusing on how horrible the gameplay was and forgot about why i actually came here in the first place

  13. Alexey Vlasov Avatar

    Never give up is a good thing. I wish I could have such a strong will as you have.
    For me, the most difficult thing, is to force myself to learn the scripts (just begin study).
    Successes are stimulating, even if it is a very small successes.

    Don't give up ! ! ! …for me and for you.
    Best regards.

  14. jalecko 898 Avatar

    When i started out on actual game development i didn't want to "make" an existing game and only change some graphics because it wouldn't feel rewarding for me

  15. ZloTip Avatar

    crap i want a sandwich now :'(

  16. LosoIAm Avatar

    Inspirational, many thanks. I like the part of misconception – someone maybe 10 times more efficient and effective than the average developers but if such talented person is NOT a team player (e.g. extremely arrogant and very temperamental, etc.), then they are probably of little use in commercial work environments, where all non-rabbit-paced projects (i.e. all large projects) are delivered by more than one individual! I expect a lot of thumbs-down with my statement – BUT prove me wrong about project delivery requiring more than one person. Think of a car – the engine maybe powerful but if the braking system doesn't work then "Bottom of the cliff, here I come!"

  17. James Box Avatar

    I can't watch you play Tetris.

  18. Wietze Schelhaas Avatar

    Would really appreciate if you check out my first game! Thanks!

  19. God is so dead. Avatar

    You're pretty bad at weight loss simulator. I can stay on those treadmills two… maybe three times as long.

  20. GoatBro Avatar

    my goal at the start of this year was to remake my fsvorite old 2d flash game into a beautiful 3d game….i failed…i had way less time then i thought and i began with 3d art instead of programming. Now i found myself liking 3d art way more and i completely abondoned the game development 🙁

  21. MonakoSM Avatar

    The biggest thing I learned was how much someone can buy into a fictional world as long as the signals are there. I tried making a simple room in RPG maker, eventually I figured out how to add a lighting effect, and then music, and then sounds like footsteps or water. All these things made it so much of a difference. I'm not a game designer, but even fiddling with a program has taught me a little something I didn't know before. It's worth a try even if it isn't frustrating.

  22. animal abuser Avatar

    Exactly how long did it take u to make the Flappy Bird game?

  23. superyoshibros99 Avatar

    This is a really helpful video, thank you so much. I'll be honest, as an animator, I always tried to animate the fight scenes instead of the basics, this was a huge mistakes for me, and the same thing applies to this and everything else. You got to start out small, is what my mentor told me. As much as I want to make my dream game for years, this video really helped me out, thank you very much.

  24. Mjoz Duet Avatar

    Hi I'm a music producer and currently learning C# and unity. I would love to work with you in any game project you are on. Thank you for all the knowledge you share.

  25. Иван Avatar

    except for first picture – nothing new or useful …

  26. charles barensche Avatar

    I know this a very late comment and you probably won't look at it but this video is extrramly true and extremely inspiring and I would like to thank you , and I have now subscribed and want you to know you are the first inspiration for me to carry on trying to programming and keep on trying

  27. Sean Curtice Avatar


  28. Neroware Avatar

    Funny how every Dev I know, including myself, has programmed some kind of Space Shooter 😀

  29. Simon Inga Avatar

    Why is are Polish people so important in making a game?

  30. Aramus Terry Avatar

    how would we be able to contact you?

  31. KittyOK Avatar

    Can you help me make a game? I want to make a PC game and I have really good ideas, I just don't know how to make my ideas into a game. please help!

  32. potter-icia leviosa Avatar

    i just want to create a hangman game ;( but idunno where to start ;(

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