How Important Are Graphic Design Portfolios?

Hope you guys enjoyed this video!

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16 responses to “How Important Are Graphic Design Portfolios?”

  1. Ella Son Avatar

    hey awesoke video and great timing! im in the process of creating a website for my portfolio. what website builder company did you use?

  2. Christos Ellinas Avatar

    awesomee!! 😀
    You don't have a Behance page?

  3. - SHRED - Avatar

    What about bēhance ?! 🙂 do you have it ??

  4. Easy Fun Healthy Avatar

    Hey Will – I'm new to design and your videos are great! Clear and concise. Thanks so much!

  5. Ange Zulian Avatar

    What do you think about posting your work on Behance and/or Instagram instead of showing them on a personal website? As a young freelance designer, I feel that social network are the easiest way to get in touch with fellow designers… not much of a way to get clients, tho.

  6. Jakub Wojnar-Płeszka Avatar

    Great video. It's funny because I was just sketching my portfolio and received notification that there's a new video. 😀

  7. Raspberry Avatar

    Is still possible to make a living only from logo design?

  8. MurryMonster Avatar

    I've heard so many different things from different people but how many pieces should you have in your portfolio? Also what if you have a lot of different skills and want to showcase those skills ie: Web Design, Branding, Print, animation, etc. How do you decide what to show and what not to show?

  9. Juan Sebastian Avatar

    I have seen your work and I have seemed incredible! What book you recommend for inspiration in Lettering? I hope you continue on the right track and have a successful life! Greetings from Argentina.

  10. Unknown DesignsHD Avatar

    I'm thinking of getting my own domain but I don't know what I would like it to be called is it more professional to put my own fore and surname yes ?.. Rather than a nickname or YouTube name or even a company / group name ?, I'm an individual free lance graphic designer and photographer. I just do not know how to go across making my portfolio :/ someone help me please or if you could will teach me the ways haha !

    Liked the video !

  11. Skyzer Avatar

    Do you think you could do really artistic videos of u just sketching or you doing your hand lettering? I think a lot of people would enjoy just relaxing just watching you do your work and would give people inspiration to do their design.
    I would also like to say that you also have been a huge influence to me and I've been trying my best to have my own hand lettering style and been sketching at school in my spare time or in boring classes. Thanks

  12. nvm nvm Avatar

    wtf is that redundant. do you need a portfolio. yes stupid you need one point blank period.

  13. Derek Newell Avatar

    I love your shirt, lmao.

  14. Virtual Turtle Studio Avatar

    I absolutely love your work. I just started studying multimedia & design and you are definitely a huge inspiration for logo design/ hand lettering! keep it up buddy!

  15. Ed Avatar

    There's a rumor that if you comment early and Will replies, you become a successful graphic designer.

  16. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

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