How Much Does A Logo Design Cost?

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30 responses to “How Much Does A Logo Design Cost?”

  1. Abu Dharr Avatar

    Key: investment head and expense head – two minds. Charge accordingly

  2. Jeff Punz Avatar

    Will DID give an answer; in fact THE answer. Every client has a different budget and every project is different. Taking all of the factors Will had mentioned (building a proper brief) not only exercises YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICE as a DESIGNER, but it also lets your client know that you're a professional. There should be no 'fast transactions' when it comes to logo design and branding. Anybody that's hating on videos like this needs to just put in the time and work and get that experience. The more uncomfortable conversations you're willing to have (clients) the more successful you'll be. You have to learn the ins and outs of this business before you can 'YouTube' every answer..

  3. GravityGamerXCII™ Avatar

    dude your teeth are so yellow

  4. kunal belamkar Avatar

    Background music too loud!

  5. Jón Ruben Robinson Avatar

    Will… thanks to you I have my first payed logo client! thanks so much for your help and I feel like I am on my way to starting something for my self here! I undercharged my first one simply because of confidence but I feel the more I do it'll become easier for me 🙂 Many thanks!


    What if you're designing a webpage logo and they want to make tshirts/ prints that same design?

  7. AdityaTD Avatar

    I have been doing this forever and I charge super less 😛

  8. mohammed alghamdi Avatar

    You should change the title of the video

  9. gimmie55 Avatar

    so basically however much you can get away with charging!

  10. Hallucinogenichusky Avatar

    If your rich we will overcharge you….great morals there bud….

  11. Harish Singh Avatar

    I can't understand. any body can tell me how much costing of a logo Designing.

  12. Sam Villareale Avatar

    I guess you don't want anyone to know what you charge….

  13. Alexander Avatar

    Hello Will, nice video, thank you. Can you please tell where do you get this nice background music?

  14. Rory Tuano Avatar

    James Corden is in the house.

  15. Two Random Boyz Avatar

    Doe nobody change the background image on their apple computers?

  16. B R Avatar

    How well does that work – charging less for a new company vs. asking for what's worth? Do these companies call you back ?

  17. Jaden Addison Avatar

    Hey guys i'm a freelancer working on Konker ill design a professional logo for you for only $3 you can check me out here for more details

  18. Vintage Audio Workshop Avatar

    i'm using and so far am very pleased with the offers, the contest is still running as i write… £629 Silver Version inc letterheads, Facebook header, b cards etc

  19. DubidQuack Avatar

    Please give examples if you are not going to give a general answer. That would really help.

  20. Kelvin Booker Avatar

    wanna talk with you regarding doing a logo for our startup

  21. S. McCullough Avatar

    How does one get started in the Logo Industry and get their name known?

  22. Paul Stancel Avatar

    This guy knows what he's talking about, great video!

  23. spllitz Avatar

    who likes my logo?

  24. A C Avatar

    really annoying to hear "What's your budget?" from designers. That's when i stopped replying. Just send me your price and let's get the project started.

  25. cburg Avatar

    Hi will!
    Can you make a video about what you send a client when you have finished their logo. Like what file formats and image sizes. Thanks!

  26. Michael Russell Avatar

    Hey Will some good tips there. Any suggestions (or what would you do) if you were in a situation where you did all the work then the client changes their mind and don't want to pay? Even when everything is documented!?

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