How To Add A 4K Video Slider And Video Background in WordPress | Divi Theme Tutorial 2016

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Learn how to add beautiful and amazing video sliders and video backgrounds to your wordpress website using the divi theme created by elegant themes. The divi theme is rated #1 drag and drop page builder and i use it for all my website! No other theme will let you add in 4k video sliders and 4k video backgrounds! To purchase this click on the link below! divi theme tutorial!


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For youtube video downloader, heres the website

For additional free video, check out this website

Thanks guys! if you need any help or have any questions feel free to let me know! Thanks for your support!






22 responses to “How To Add A 4K Video Slider And Video Background in WordPress | Divi Theme Tutorial 2016”

  1. Mike dav Avatar

    Is the background video of the theme supported on mobile phones?

  2. Joya chowdhury Avatar

    Awesome tutorial. Thanks for the knowledge sharing!

  3. David Reid Avatar

    I want to add the 4K videos that you showed in your video. When I go to the videos, in the description it says the videos can not be uploaded to an external server or website. Is there a way around this?

  4. Stephanie Daffara Avatar

    how did you add a 4k video to wordpress? It gives me a limit!

  5. monibliful Avatar

    Hi Darrel! Please help with this: how do I make a fullscreen video background with a menu bar with transparent background on top of it?? In your tutorial, you just add this module with fullscreen video and suddenly the menu is already there! How did you make it??

  6. Knaak Knaak Media & Marketing Avatar

    Do you have a tutorial on compressing video? It seems to me that unless someone's computer is hardwired to a dedicated line, downloading a video background that is 30MG will take fooooorrreeeevvvveeeeerrr. Or does DIVI compress it for us?

  7. XOOP Online Avatar

    Amazing tutorial !

  8. Faisal Khan Forex Avatar

    Is it Possible Video background with sound ON/OFF button?

  9. Bilal Yousaf Avatar

    how to show video background on mobile devices.please share solution.i love divi theme.

  10. Bilal Yousaf Avatar

    i have added mp4 video background to my website but this is not working for mobile devices kindly give me solution of this problem.

  11. Video Involver Avatar

    Hello Darrel, thank you for the tutorial! You always have valuable content. I've always struggled with the load time of these video backgrounds in Divi. I've experimented with .mp4 files with sizes between 4-15 MB in size and the load time is always over 5 sec. even on a super fast connection. I was wondering if anyone has code or solution to use a YouTube video as a background in a full-width Divi slider. I think it would load much faster.

  12. Ahmed Hamed Avatar

    The video doesnt work on mobile

  13. FRITZ WILHELM Avatar

    Hey Darrel, Great tutorials. Divi is the greatest. Is there a way to have a YouTube video (w/controls disabled) with a call to action button overlay ?
    Thanks for everything !

  14. Fred Masey Avatar

    Your were fine through the first quarter to half of the video. Then you took off with a jet propelled cursor and chatter … demos and no more instruction, just a display of your own knowledge and abilities. Impossible to follow the last two thirds. If you're going to instruct, you can't assume the viewer knows anything, let alone everything that is so commonplace to you. I commend you for your effort, but you might want to remake this in a more deliberate, step by step, instructive fashion.

  15. jessyka power Avatar

    Watch videos of Tyler Moore to see the required speed for teaching, or Wpsculptor

  16. Ximena Vinitzca Avatar

    Hi, great video! But it doesnt work in Safari or Explorer. How can i fix this?

  17. Rachel Schnell Avatar

    You haved to host with them?

  18. Anomylous Avatar

    Is there a way to use video from youtube as a background? please and thank you

  19. Bill Frankell Avatar

    Ok, you had me interested until I saw that price, and per year. Went with Tesla Themes when they had 28, now they are up to 63 themes, and secured lifetime support and membership for $45.00 onetime.

    They will let you sell theirs too, they have a program for that. Very fast support, even covered me when ipage dropped the ball. ipage has since been fired. Should do more research man.

  20. mohand said Sadmi Avatar

    HI Darrel, I'v sent you pm asking you the footage you've used at 13 sec, pink ink video, please send me this footage, thanks man

  21. Malik Javed Avatar

    @Darrel Wilson : is there anyway we can embed youtube video instead.

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