How To Add a Slide Show to a WordPress Website – EASY to Use!


This video is a follow up video to one of my full length website design tutorials that walks you through the process of creating a website from start to finish and uses the same WordPress theme that is used in this video. That video can be found here:

In this video, I walk you through how to add a slide show to any page on your WordPress website. The slide show plugin is called “Easing Slider Lite” and you can easily add your slideshow to any of your web pages.

I also show you a free stock photography website called pixaby and teach you how to crop your photos to fit properly in your slide show with a web application called PIXLR






29 responses to “How To Add a Slide Show to a WordPress Website – EASY to Use!”

  1. Nadine Avatar

    NOT helpfull, its not free

  2. Paty Guerrero Avatar

    How do I add a visible title to each slide? Thank you for such an articulate, clear, and inspiring job. I already install it and it was what I needed.

  3. Beckemeyer Nico Avatar

    Thank you that was a very helpful video. You're getting an like from me!

  4. Liam O'Connor Avatar

    thanks brotha this was helpful

  5. reagan payne Avatar

    does anybody know what the plug in is called for the updated version of wp?

  6. Aliston Alfred Avatar

    Great fully job. Thank u so much.

  7. tonibella94 Avatar

    Such a helpful video, thank you!

  8. Jessika Martinez Avatar

    This did not work for me. 🙁 It just shows the brackets with no slideshow. I wonder what I did wrong. I would like to put the slideshow on my homepage instead of my banner. How would I do that?

  9. Gonzalo Olguín Avatar

    How do I add a slideshow to the frontpage of my wordpress theme, rather than to a post or page? I've been having troubles with a really simple blogging theme that I have, because it doesn't allow me to put a slideshow on the frontpage. For now, I only have one "slide". Thank you! 

  10. Matt Kruze Avatar

    You just gained yet another subscriber! Fantastic, I've been trying to find a way to get a simple, clean slide show on my site and now I have it. Thanks Josh.

  11. swapnil stuff Avatar

    thnx buddy… how to keep this slideshow on  opening page…when we will open the website..slide show will be shown..

  12. Joy Smith Avatar

    Hi Josh, I love your videos, You speak very clearly and slowly and I am able to follow along with ease. Thank you sooo Much!!

    Question.. I accomplished adding the easing slider lite to my page. I am using the Mystile theme. HOW CAN I ADD IT AS MY Main HEADER ON THE HOMEPAGE?

    Please help me. Thanks a BUNCH..


  13. A M Avatar

    great video. you make it look so easy. Now I'm going to try to do it myself. Thank you.

  14. Mike Lane Avatar

    hi josh, have watched a number of your videos, they are excellent. had a hard time commenting, liking etc. to thank you. maybe add a little blurb at end on how to do this for us novices. keep up good work.

  15. Juan Ferdinand Blardony Avatar

    Do you have any idea on how to put "Flash" in web post?

  16. 99for1ministries Avatar

    Awesome!  I can't explain in mere words how happy I am to have actually found this WP tutorial.  I'd already found some others that I was trying to work through but, invariably, the hosts didn't take into consideration that the viewer might be completely new to WP (as I am).  You, on the other hand, took everything nice and slow, were articulate and very precise.  Thanks again!

    Pastor Lonnie

  17. Nabil Iqbal Avatar

    Could we build different slide shows on the same website with easing slider lite? 

  18. Nabil Iqbal Avatar

    Cant we add text to the slideshow?

  19. ProActiveMedia Avatar

    Finally… An articulate and precise video on how to set up a WP slide show!

  20. Xavier Knowles Avatar

    Thank You! very specific, very clear! Thanx!

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