How to Add a Sticky Fixed Sidebar Widget Easily!

Learn How to Easily Add a Sticky Fixed Sidebar Widget to your WordPress Site.

Works for any WordPress Website. Just install/activate/select/save and you’re good to go!


Hogan Chua

P.S Thank you Sarah for asking this question 🙂

And if anyone has any comments/suggestions, leave it down below!






10 responses to “How to Add a Sticky Fixed Sidebar Widget Easily!”

  1. Hugo Wu Avatar

    More people should know this, thank you Hogan

  2. muhammad ali Avatar

    thank you sir. it really helps

  3. BestTaxAttorney Avatar

    thank you. I had this installed on my new site but couldn't find where to get it to work. I didn't see the box to click to activate it for a particular widget. Thanks!

  4. Daniel Kovacs Avatar

    Hi Hogan, thx you again for your good work. When i use "Q2W3 fixed Widget" to fix the Sidebar, it scrolls down into the Footer. How can i stop that before Footer ? Thx

  5. absentlive Avatar

    Hey Hogan, my site is almost done, the only problem I encounter now is that when using a Gallery as light boxed it doesn't make a lightbox with pictures but opens one image in the same tab????
    Suddenly also my background picture is blurry in my first column 🙁

  6. Antony Lunkwitz Avatar

    Hi Hogan, great tip, how do you use the same PRINCIPLE for sticking the header mean?

  7. Hogan Chua Avatar

    Use "HOGAN" for a 40% Discount for all Themify Products (except lifetime club) until 31st Oct! Thank you guys 🙂

  8. Kool Ceski Avatar

    Hi Logan, its me again. Thanks for that tip. Big help. Just like to know if i can install yoast SEO plugin to this theme. Will the plugin still work fine with this? Thanks in advance.

  9. Sarah Siu Avatar

    Thanks Hogan!! You're awesome!!!

  10. Cem Destici Avatar

    hi, first all, I want to thank you for good explanations :). if you dont mind, I have different question to you. I want to add my home page down arrow , but i could not, could you help me , please.
    for examles : …thx

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