How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website – 2017

Learn how to easily install Google Analytics to your WordPress website! Simple to do, and you also get an overview of stats in your WordPress dashboard!
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It’s very simple. You don’t need to add the code to the header/footer of all your pages.

We’re using the free plugin with over 800,000 active install “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP” and we just need create an analytics account and authorise access!

And I’ll also show you to block analytics from tracking your own visits!


Hogan Chua






36 responses to “How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website – 2017”

  1. Prasad Diwan Avatar

    I have a multi author blog and I wanted to show following data to my authors about their posts in their respective account: 1. Post views 2. Avg. Session durations. Also I want a date filter. How could I achieve this? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Stephen Timson Avatar

    Excellent video – Thanks

  3. Manny Blogs Avatar

    Hi Hogan After following your steps I'm receiving the following Would you know why? Thx
    General Settings Select View: [Property not found]

  4. Clayton T Karodza Avatar

    helpful video.. thanks mate

  5. Jenny Rodriguez Avatar

    Thank You! Very helpful

  6. Mariano Calvo Avatar

    thank you from argentina! 🙂

  7. Netflux Avatar

    Thanks for this tutorial I am having two websites and needed this. Explained very well 🙂 keep it up and thanks again for mentioning the extension

  8. Kris Bumhead Avatar

    Hi Hogan. In my GA account I have a message saying my tracking code is missing. Then I go to the code and it's a script code and not the one shown on your video? Thanks.

  9. DK Huzaria Avatar

    youre awesome! i thought it was gonna be hard but earned a like!

  10. Kiran S Avatar

    Thanks bro very good video !

  11. Juneta Key Avatar

    If I have one domain name but a website on main and then a different website on a subdomain and it tells me that website is already added not accepting that subdomain site, does that mean both sites will be tracked as I have them on different property views on analytics?

  12. rowdycowboy85 Avatar

    There is also an easy way to block your own IP from Anaylitics by creating a filter within Analytics itself. That way you can access your site on any browser and it won't interfere with your data. And it won't require you to install anymore browser plugins.

  13. Selina Rua Avatar

    This video was very helpful. Thanks

  14. Magic11 Avatar

    Thank you this was really helpful

  15. Q Dog Avatar

    Thanks, man. I followed along step by step.

  16. Marex Venture Avatar

    Hello Hogan, I followed your instructions but got stuck where I was supposed to authorize plugin. What I get is some warnings and fatal error. What do I do next please?

  17. Shop For Tennis Avatar

    Great work Hogan. Really helpful without all the long winded stuff.

  18. Tapan Shah Avatar

    when i click on red link to get access code,there comes an error. is there any other way to find this code?

  19. nidhal sinha Avatar

    Hi Hogan,

    Recently, I moved my blog from http to https. I had setup the GA account and its plugin on my blog too. I changed the settings today in the GA. Logged into admin of my GA Account, went to property settings, changed the default version (from http to https) and one more setting. Is it right? Do I need to make any changes in my WP Admin dashboard in GA plugin?

    Thanks 🙂

  20. herb inspection Avatar

    great video, thanks a lot, hogan

  21. SKM Software Avatar

    Hey great support. Thanks

  22. J.C Franco Avatar

    I followed everything and it worked, thanks Hogan.

  23. Marchaan Is Here Avatar

    @4:00 you selected your website in General Settings. How do I add a website in order to select it?

  24. Premium Inmobiliaria Avatar

    Hi Hogan, Thank you, Great tutorial.
    Do you know if analytics starts working right away?, or do I have to wait a day or two for the data?
    The only "problem" I have is that I can't find a working blocker for safari. The one you suggested in the video is not supported until further notice 🙁

  25. Charlie Ennis Avatar

    Great advice! Thanks for reminding me to block my own views. That got me falsely excited on my last website haha.

  26. sebastian thanks Avatar

    Hey Hogan 🙂
    Can you make a video about how you do SEO for a website ?
    I really appreciate the way you do your videos, the step by step and easy to understand lessons 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  27. camino a la magia Avatar

    Great tutorial! Thank you!

  28. Obisesan Ayodele Avatar

    is it only sites that have domain names paid for that can install Google Analytics inside it?

  29. Antony Le Avatar

    Amazing tutorial. Super clear and easy to follow. Thanks Hogan

  30. Cecil Fashion Avatar

    Hi thank you for the great tutorial, I have Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights plugin. Should I leave it or should I install the one you recommend?

    Thank you!

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