How To Add Links On Menu – WordPress


How to add links to the navigation and menu bar in wordpress.






12 responses to “How To Add Links On Menu – WordPress”

  1. Catarina Muxagata Avatar

    Thank you so much -CMDESIGN

  2. Sudeep Sachdeva Avatar

    Hi Tyler. Yours Videos have been veryyyyyyyyyyyyy Helpful. However, i am stuck at a point. I want to create a single page MENU. Like if i Click on a TAB of a menu, it should scroll down to that Particular section of that page.. i am unable to find your video mentioning anything about it.. pleeeeeeeeeease HELP.

  3. Roy Mackay Avatar

    all your videos are brilliant and help greatly what happened to that cheery fun voice you normally have?. respect. How do we add a secondary  menu please does the theme you have make a difference.  Thanks as always

  4. Adi Goldstein Avatar

    Hi tyler, Thanks for your great tutorials ! can i ask please if there is a way to add a custom link page to the menu that will open in a new tab? (target="_blank) if so how can i do it?


  5. Rukmani Iyengar Avatar

    hey….how do i get the link to open in a new window?

  6. Amy Stark Avatar

    Love your videos, Tyler! They are so easy to understand and topics in question are always so much clearer after watching them. Thanks so much!

  7. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Thanks so much! really appreciate that!

  8. Rotem Nahum Avatar

    Tyler you rock! I'm glad I found your channel. Your videos are clear, concise and detailed. Over a weekend, I went from knowing nothing about WP or web design to feel very comfortable creating custom menus, sidebars and even replacing code on the editor. You make WordPressing so easy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  9. joseph chrzempiec Avatar

    thank you very much i always wonder how to do a external address or a address in the wordpress that doesn't show up. thank you

  10. Million Dolla Scrilla Avatar

    My menu is not updating I noticed you have conutant over the top of the menu that you clicked and the changes updated. How do I get mine to do that?

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