How To Add Live Chat In WordPress For FREE! – Best Live Chat Plugin For Your Website

FREE Live Chat:

Howdy! In this tutorial, i will show you how to use and install tidio chat for your wordpress website. This is the best live chat plugin that i have personally come across. The live chat plugin works for mobile apps as well and is very informative

I think everyone should have this live chat plugin. Its FREE and you have really nothing to lose! Watch this tutorial and ill show you how to add live chat in wordpress in no time!






19 responses to “How To Add Live Chat In WordPress For FREE! – Best Live Chat Plugin For Your Website”

  1. Wrighty Avatar

    Hi Darrel, Great video, I run a bbpress and buddy press forum. do you know if there's a live chat I could have just for my members only to use? Thanks for any advise. Terry.

  2. Melissa Stenberg Avatar

    wow, thanks for sharing. btw, there's a chat from Deskun which is also free for 1 user. check it out

  3. JunerMP Avatar

    Hi, Darrel. Thanks for this video. But i have other question about the woocommerce plugin as email sending is not reaching to the recipient. example a new registration, customer should received email from my site but it's not. i hope you can me some idea how to fix it.. thanks.


    is says To display Tidio Chat, you need to install a short JavaScript code on your website: how can i do that??

  5. EuniceJourney Avatar

    can this be included in edublogs which under wordpress?

  6. rafik ferhat Avatar

    what happen whene the trial runs out

  7. Indian Ranker Avatar

    buddy you are awesome

  8. Karla Rodriguez Avatar

    hi darrel i cant accep credit cards payment is there anyway safe way i can do? i also been looking for the video to put all shipping methods but cant find it please help

  9. Karla Rodriguez Avatar

    hi darrel i cant accep credit cards payment is there anyway safe way i can do?

  10. Unlock My Device Avatar

    We used to use this chat program it is great and has a sleek modern design with lower rates then Live Chat. The one downside we found was that for mobile users the automated messages do not auto pop up. These pop ups for us capture %50 of our clients. Also the logo for the mobile app is not changeable (possibly with css but but easy for a beginner). Cheers! Love your videos.

  11. SpyceptModz Avatar

    Can you make a video of how to add an IRC into a wordpress website?

  12. Miss A Avatar

    I subscribed. Found it. Disregard my comment from your other video. 🙂 Thanks

  13. Shah Shafique Avatar

    It's cool, thanks bro …

  14. Paul Smith Avatar

    Cool video Darrel. Do you have videos about doing performance optimization on WP? Thanks man!

  15. Smart Tech Avatar

    Hey Darrel, i was thinking of buying the followliker bot for instagram,twitter,tumblr,pinterest and automating my social profiles and buying longtail pro for KR and creating some sites! can you tell how is this plan? and should i focus on niche sites or micro-niche sites? and what kind of sites should i go for.. review or the online amazon store ones? please i need your help! thanks a lot

  16. Krystaphel Reid Avatar

    hey man how do i keep my menu to the right? i added some custom css to have my contact details above the menu but it made the menu shift a little to the left. How can i keep the menu to the right? This is my website.

    This is the css i added.

    nav#mainnav:before {
    display: block;
    text-align: right;
    padding-right: 14px;
    font-size: 18px;
    color: #ffffff;
    margin-bottom: 8px;
    content: "13 March Pen Road, Spanish Town PO. ST Catherine, JAMAICA WI. Tel: +1(876) 749-4411";

  17. iGadget T Avatar

    Great video Darrel, have you ever tried

  18. Mike Sevik Avatar

    You're very helpful… ty.

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