How to Add Triple Parallax, Gradients & Animation! – Advanced (Ultra Theme)

Learn How to Add Triple Parallax, Gradients & Animation Effects. These are some of the Amazing New Features of Ultra by Themify.
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Hogan Chua






29 responses to “How to Add Triple Parallax, Gradients & Animation! – Advanced (Ultra Theme)”

  1. Èrica Rosell Costa Avatar

    I was looking for a tutorial like this for a long time. Thank you! Still having some doubts though… is it possible to add more layers? and also, is it possible to move them from side to side too?

  2. aMItt verma Avatar

    hi, Hogan, I'm having a problem while applying this triple parallax thing, it just that I don't find column options in themify builder ……..

  3. Just Random Avatar

    this channel deserves more than this. thank you very much, Hogan!

  4. Radek Zatloukal Avatar

    Hi, how can i make that left menu navigation, i still cant do it .. thanks

  5. WordPress & Coffee Avatar

    Thanks for this great idea. To bad .png's are so big in file sizes.

  6. Tesya@WOT Avatar

    Hello Hogan, first thx for your great tutorials. I had a lot of fun exploring WordPress with the themify builder.
    I just realized a triple parallax with an office picture as background and a Person standing in the foreground and it looks really well. But sometimes when I open the homepage the two layers behave like one single layer and do not move differently (using the same browser (chrome)). Is it a known problem with the parallax effect?
    Greetings from Germany

  7. Peter Abramsgård Avatar

    Thank you so much for your awesome videos. Do you have one where you build an ecommerce site with the ARALLAX theme?

  8. Mouhcine WAKACH Avatar

    Hi Mr Hogan Chua please Ineed your help, I have a problem with HostGator I already paied for a domain name with my credit card they told me I should send them photos of my ID and my credit card with just the last 4 digit code, I already did that, but they didn't reply me , my account is still suspended, I heard that BlueHost is an excellent hosting service, my question is I have watched your tutorials of many hours about hostgator and wordpress, my question is is it the same methodology to create a website on bluehost with wordpress as the methodology in hostgator,?

  9. Najeeb Elfatih Avatar

    Thank you Hogan 🙂
    Your teaching style is very easy to follow and very informative.
    Keep it up! .

  10. Keith Atkinson Avatar

    Hey Hogan, What font do you use for the Logo and the slides please?

  11. JordiUp Avatar

    I'm about to browse more of your vids, but for my themify ultra theme, there is a blank space on the right where the gradient background wont fill to even with 100%padding and . my menu is at the top, but i'd like this space to be filled. I'm going to do a some more research tho and look at your other videos

  12. Tarun Bhardwaj Avatar

    @Hogan Chua thanks for this video, love your channel. I want to know one thing how to make "Click Here" section on popup in your theme.

  13. Jakub Michalak Avatar

    Your tutorial is awesome! But help me please!
    My "thimify builder" (thimify builder –> turn on builder) doesnt run, it is just loading and loading, and when it started to happen, also my photos in a heading have stopped loading too. Its like page has slowed down and don't want to load. I have restarted my PC, but nothing works. What happend? Can You help me ?

  14. SAGE H.P. Avatar

    Awesome Hogan …kind of like your name…I made your parallax website it took me weeks to get it all in my mind but it was worth the hard work YOU ROCK~ HOGAN CHUA…..i am not totally finished my web as I have to put in a video and then create a store also…soon Any comments on what I have so far are welcome… here's the link to my site and also to my Rare ICE Films from Canada ** Web at > * * AWESOME films at > *

  15. Lariz Santos Avatar

    I wanna tell you how grateful I am to find your tutorials man. Thanks a ton!

  16. Tytus Dubel Avatar

    Great work Hogan, thank You so much for Your quick and easy explanation. I was wondering why my page is saving for such a long time..i mean, when i save my changing itr takes soo much, might it be a metter of the hosting i've choosen?

  17. Eveline Van Gruisen Avatar

    Hi Hogan, How do i get out off the 60days icann ? I want to transfer my to another hosting and make it with but i cant transfer it with the 60days icann thing. please help ?

  18. Bryan Marshall Avatar

    Great Tutorial!! Thank You

  19. Stefan Bond Avatar

    Could you help me Hogan how to make that navigation menu on side instead of the one made up on your latest parralax wordpress video? What is the defference in configuration? I am generally intersted in: Positioning, styling, designing nav menu for website? I would love to make my site navigation looks like UBER navigation with green lines under selected item in nav menu. Maybe I am asking to much, but tnx anyways for your great videos, you are teaching us all.

  20. salah eddin dadsi Avatar

    thank you for your excellent explanation.

  21. sparkelo Avatar

    How does the 'layers' section know to do the animation when you scroll to that section? Is that feature inherited for all animations using Themify?

  22. Esther Warda Avatar

    You explain things so easily!! And Thanks for not adding annoying background music like so many tutorials have!

  23. Jack Wright Avatar

    Can you do a tutorial on how to create a private membership area, that would be awesome – I've found your videos really useful! should defo keep the uploads coming!!

  24. Carlotta Pura Avatar

    How do you make it look right on mobile?

  25. Pawel Gozdz Avatar

    Hi Hogan.

    Could you make a tutorial how to customise footer in a fancy way, like adding customised video or post slider.

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