How To Apply a Realistic Rust Texture in Adobe Photoshop

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial we’re going to realistically apply a rust texture to a design. This can be done with any kind of image, it could be a single colour logo like I’ll be using in this example today, or even full colour artwork or photographs, which is how I used this technique recently, to create a weathered old road sign that I had printed up for my studio wall. It’s done by using the channels in Photoshop to make a selection of a texture, which is then used to erase the artwork wherever there’s rust. Because we’re using the Channels rather than a manual selection, every single tiny detail is captured, which generates ultra realistic results.

Download my free rusty metal logo mockups:

Metal Dumpster Texture Pack:

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20 responses to “How To Apply a Realistic Rust Texture in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. Martin R Avatar

    What fonts did you use for the logo? Thanks!

  2. Lucas Guerrini Avatar

    Wow, I now have a world full of possibilities lol

  3. GaE ER Avatar

    Dude, thank you so much for the rust textures, I so appreciated it!

  4. николай юдин Avatar

    WOW!!! LIKE THIS! 1000000LIKE!

  5. stevie sypher Avatar

    Excellent – also tried inverting the selection when in channels mode after the levels step & got great results: Good videos dude have subscribed!

  6. Osher Ezra Avatar

    Great job man, keep it up AWESOME TIPS

  7. Bench RSPS Avatar

    You're a legend dude! I've been looking for this for ages. And now just out of the blue i came across your video and it worked by only trying it once. Thanks man.

  8. Homer Simpson Avatar

    simply, short and useful. thanks

  9. Estefania s Avatar

    thanks! that's so cool

  10. Roberto Braicovick Avatar

    Bellissimi tutti. Grazie!

  11. Kaushal Mehta Avatar

    Maybe, we add one more step to this technique:
    – make a displacement map from the texture and apply it on the logo to have little distortion on the edges of the logo…

  12. Nabarun Paul Avatar

    Thanks Mate!!! 4 this lovely tutorial……

  13. Aan Setya Avatar

    This is a great tutorial..thanks

  14. Wendy Litteral Avatar

    Learned something new! I don't know why but it never occurred to me I could make a selection off of a channel. Going to be a big time saver going forward.

  15. Federico Grosso Avatar

    That's one of a hell helpful tutorial dude!

  16. jhtrkhgvtkuyejh Avatar

    Shoot!! I was looking for this kind of tutorial a few days! And I found it here! 🙂 Thank you!

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