How to Backup/Restore Any WordPress Website (UpdraftPlus) in UNDER 3 MINS!

Learn how to easily backup & restore your WordPress website to Dropbox, Drive or any other cloud service! We’re using the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin, UpdraftPlus.

Trusted by over 750k website including: NBA, Princeton University, P&G & Microsoft.

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Hogan Chua






40 responses to “How to Backup/Restore Any WordPress Website (UpdraftPlus) in UNDER 3 MINS!”

  1. Joe Tittiger Avatar

    I hate the damn plugin. Instead of creating www directory and database backups it creates 5 different backup files, and none of them are called the www directory.
    Hard to believe that this is the leader. All-In-One backup is written to be MUCH easier to use, as it uses standard backup files.. It is better to MANUALLY backup using phpmyadmin to get the DB and either cpanel's file manager or FTP to get the www folder, than to use this product because you can manually restore your files when you have a DB and www backup. How would you manually restore the 5 files that updraft produces? I sure don't need more things to learn.

  2. Leah Habib Avatar

    Thanks buddy exactly what I needed.

  3. Hadi Nabizadeh Avatar

    Hi Hogan,
    last year I built a website with your videos and I did back up using UpdraftPlus. I've lost that site (it expired). I bought new domain and new host. How can I restore my previous website to new domain and new host ?

  4. Allforthepeople Avatar

    Would restoring the plugins restore the version of the plugins at the time of the backup? For example, if I updated a plugin and this caused a conflict, would restoring an earlier version fix this issue?

  5. Larry Hughes Avatar

    can i get some insight on my website?

  6. Mainul Hasan Avatar

    Hi hogan,
    I have a question for you. How do I change the thickness of the sticky header and also the position of the menu item in the sticky header. Thanks

  7. Abdoulaye Karamoko Avatar

    Hi Hogan, I love the way you keep things simple and I have built my 1st site thanks to your tutorials. How can we support you in the future so you can keep up the good work?

  8. Mohammed Osama Avatar

    much appreciation dude!

  9. Darwin Godoy Avatar

    Good communication and straight to the point. Tks so much!

  10. jbrillz97 Avatar

    I just updated my themify to the latest version. However, now, when I click on a page in the menu, a dashed box appears around the word. How do I get rid of this? Thank you again! Much appreciated!

  11. William Delgado Avatar

    perfect my friend like for you

  12. Sam Tony Avatar

    I think Am the only one following this guy tutorial here, this guy always.. always make sense

  13. siddhu Gouda Avatar

    very usefull video there..thanks much mahn…Can u help me with dis ,My website was working fine up until today I am viewing the below page

    Index of/
    with the name of all the files

    I have no clue what to do…I have checked all the files are available and no one touched the files.

  14. Orhan Gazi Alperen Avatar

    Thanks for your upload supper brief explained!
    but what if I can't acces the wordpress DASHBOARD due to any error/crash? how can I back up then. thank you very much.

  15. oyy teri Avatar

    is it restore all setting and pages

  16. Gerard Visa Blasco Avatar

    Nice video! I just have one doubt: would this work for a WordPress network as well? Or shall I copy and restore each WordPress site in it individually?

  17. Fredrik Ekdahl Avatar

    Good job man! Really nice tutorial, helped me a lot! 🙂

  18. الجني الاخضر Avatar

    Does this plugin also restore theme customizations??

  19. John Purchase Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks 🙂

  20. ชวโรจน์ แปงหล้า Avatar

    Easy, clear, and short.. I love your vdo ^^

  21. Kanupur Hasan Avatar

    very nice video
    good job
    thanks sir

  22. Robbin LB Avatar

    Hello Hogan, Love your tutorials! Thank You!!

  23. ChannelRichard Avatar

    Your tutorials are the best, Hogan. Thank you!

  24. MotorcycleWorldTours Avatar

    no bla bla bla … and perfect …is what i love

  25. Our Pocket of Happiness Avatar

    Another great tutorial! 🙂 Thank you!

  26. Wonder Motions Avatar

    Learned a lot from watching your videos on YouTube Hogan! Thank you

  27. Sohaib Ashraf Avatar

    Very helpful, thanks

  28. Tyler England Avatar

    Thanks, Hogan! I watched your Parallax video several times to build my travel website/blog.(Great tutorial!) I set up the UpdraftPlus plugin and now my files are stored in Dropbox. I feel much better now that all my hard work is backed up! I always look forward to viewing your new tutorials.

  29. travis travel Avatar

    thanks a lot ,very helpful tutorial

  30. GREAT Employee School TV Avatar

    Excellent tutorial! Didn't miss one step!


    awesome tutorial man

  32. Subir Golok Avatar

    Hi, can you tell me How can I hide my website plugins details from google search, while I am searching my website name in google its showing the plugins name that I am using in wp

  33. Alberto López Avatar

    Another good video. Thanks. Have you got any experience on building mail lists? Maybe you could do a tutorial on some plug-ins for that purpose, plus some ideas on how to actually ask people to join it – pop-ups, sidebars, images with call of attention or whatever.

  34. Tim Kneipp Avatar

    Nice work, thanks!

  35. Daniel Kim Avatar

    awesome tutorial man. very concise and you told me everything i needed to know for this in 3 mins. thanks!

  36. Khaliah Coleman Avatar

    Great information Hogan!!! I hope you have checked your email! Thanks for all your effort!

  37. Roberto Innocenzi Avatar

    Great tutorial Hogan, thank you for taking time to record and share it 🙂

  38. S Caldwell Avatar

    Have you considered a tutorial on membership and user directory plugins like s2 Member and Ultimate Member? I need to build a site for a home owner association which offers restricted access to some data and a directory of registered home owners. Thanks in advance.

  39. S Caldwell Avatar

    Excellent resource. Thank you.

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