How to be a More Effective Leader in the Workplace

Whether you are new to a management role in the workplace or a seasoned professional, there is always room for improvement when it comes to learning and refining what it takes to be a leader. Some of the most notable attributes of a leader are influence; self-awareness, communication and the ability to delegate. While many leaders are born with these traits, many work just as hard on improving theirs if it doesn’t come as naturally. This is a sign of someone who is determined to succeed and will be an effective leader. We have a look at some of the ways one can improve their leadership skills in the workplace.

1) Have great communication

You can have the best ideas and strategies in place, but if you cannot convey your message and plans clearly and succinctly to your employees, they could fall on deaf ears. The best leaders work on their articulation, especially if it doesn’t come naturally, as they understand how crucial communication is for getting everybody on the same page.

Communication can come in various forms; verbal, non-verbal, listening, written and visual. Each is as important as the next so effective leadership means you must be well-rounded when it comes to these.

2) Delegate effectively

Leaders are not expected to “get their hands dirty” and that is why they often delegate their work. Rather than being concerned with the minute details of running a business, a strong leader will delegate tasks and responsibilities to those they believe will be able to carry these out effectively. Choose the wrong person however, and this could end up being seriously damaging to employee morale. Think of the times you may have had a manager who you considered incompetent or undeserving of their position and this is often the result of poor delegating.

3) Set goals

These can be tangible or intangible and will give you and your employees direction. Whether it be hitting a new sales target or upgrading to modern systems like the Pronestor management software; goals will give you and your employees something to strive for. Great leaders will motivate their employees to achieve such goals and reward them accordingly.

4) Listen to your employees

An effective leader will be one who earns their employees respect and listening to their ideas regarding their work and acting upon them is one of the ways to do so. Giving your employees time to talk to you and be heard will not only endear you to them, it could give you crucial insight into how the organisation is doing and where it could improve.

Understand and act upon these four steps to enable you to become a better leader. These are not only reserved for those in power, but are relevant for anyone who wants to improve their leadership abilities.






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