How to Become a Successful Indie Game Developer

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In this video I go over the 3 most important things to launching your career as an indie game developer and reaching success! If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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49 responses to “How to Become a Successful Indie Game Developer”

  1. Guilhem Ané Avatar

    Focus on the GAMEPLAY before the art

  2. ZackRj Perm_Aux Avatar

    Tips and tricks: Be a business man wear a suit wirh blood in it and make sure that u haveto go diareha and dont wash ur bitt and told to go make out and go put ur butt on her face Boom!!

  3. pro masterchannel Avatar

    but first u need money

  4. TwisterLord Avatar

    I have some questions:
    1. For the social aspect, does the GameJolt leaderboard API count?
    2. Does the game design have to be good models or can I just worry about good gameplay and fun gameplay?

  5. its ninjamax Avatar

    WOAH WOAH WOAH you say are first game is going to be shit which makes sense but then you think we can put in a multiplayer

  6. Anonymous Developer Avatar

    i am making game in unity+cryegine+ue4 and that game is advance realistic does i call myself indie game developer.
    its my first game ever.
    i only have knowledge of modeling and level design.

  7. Korean Takeout Avatar

    Did that game ever release?

  8. RJ Videos Avatar

    Good point about design, I've made the mistake multiple times of starting coding directly without taking the time to properly think about what I'm trying to achieve, lost a lot of time

  9. Wintercloud Games Avatar

    I've been working on a game it's coming along nicely but how do I get more exposure?

  10. Athaariq Ardiansyah Avatar

    3:00 "you need to create a game.. under 6 months"
    well… I had worked on my game dev project since 1 year ago, with 2 times of epic fail that I must get start over. but my dad told to me "never give up.. even it's seems impossible, happiness of hardworks awaits you". so.. what I gonna do? I just finished approx. 63% of my project, i dunno what's future looks like :s

  11. ChaseNetwork Avatar

    I have a question for ya, mate. Do yall have a specific way of setting your environment when you do your work? For example, is there a temperature yall feel more focused in, or a genre of music that keeps you going? Established game developers have that next pay check to look forward, to expect. Before even getting that far, what free resources are you using? What resources have you found yourself paying for? How are you funding the resources you do have to pay for?

  12. ChaseNetwork Avatar

    1st: Thank you for keeping your eyes on the road.
    2nd: I can pretty much echo the same things, as I've been given the same advice too.

  13. Notorious Avatar

    Far from home was such a good game to bad they gave up developmeny

  14. team 89er Avatar

    you were right, just make simple game first mybe html5 games , try every genre types of games out there while making long term project

  15. Μεη Μεης Avatar

    (sorry for my bad english )
    Im just 20 yrs old , as all people like to create and build,i like to create and build something too…
    from my 18 thinking for game developing,watching videos tutorials how games made and all that stuff
    then i get a job in a bakery making breads at night :P( yeah ) make a lot of money from the next 2 years ( its a lot of money for me because i don't have responsibilities ) i bought a nice setup for 3D design with good hardware 2 monitors ,Digitizer and all that stuff… i did some lessons for 3D modeling & programming c# ( i start with Js but i left after 2 months)
    and i have good skills on paint art and photoshop ( we learn it on school for 3 yearts) okay i sayd too much lets get to the point of the question
    -DO i have a hope to be a game developer with no degree? is that posible?
    Can game developing be my actual job? i love this job

  16. Pixel Quadrant Games Avatar

    You should really call these types of videos when u r in the car "Drive N' Discuss"

  17. Java the Hut Avatar

    You remind me of a young Cliff Bleszinski. I am cracking up at how you talk about game design, and people being too interested in programming. Programming to me is nothing but a barrier. I am completely into game design. It's just, who respects a game designer with no experience? You basically have to start out as a programmer. Unless you are a millionaire and can fund your ideas. Steps 1 through 3 for me right now are programming. I know that if I can program that I can make great games. For me though, programming is hard as hell. But I suppose the truth is that I just haven’t put in enough hours yet. I will cry when I have 10,000 hours and can’t code.

  18. Egoitz Sanz Avatar

    what program are you using to design your game?

  19. Abdulbasit Saidu Avatar

    very useful info thank you!

  20. Jason Loh Avatar

    Hi, i hope you can answer me based on your experience. Me and my friend, we are still in developing a puzzle game for android well maybe 70% complete i will say but the problem is we had gameplay and we had game progression but our game's UI and layout just look suck.We both did not know or even had some talent of drawing, we suck at drawing so what we doing right now is take image or asset from some free source and put in our game and not to meantion about the bgm and sound effect of our game. Of course that did not look nice so how do you tackle this problem or maybe someone who reading my comment can help me thanks. >.<

  21. NanoCake Avatar

    i'm not gonna lie this is me when i''m Programming

  22. RAMPAGEGAGE Avatar

    Dude, why the fuck are you recording this while your driving?

  23. Supercalifragilistic expialidocious Avatar

    I just realized that he says "RealTutsGML" not the "Real Touch to HTML" at the beginning of the video .

  24. deadtrix 17 Avatar

    why are filming this in your car

  25. Lucas Oliveira Avatar

    My first game was lame xD

  26. UnsensoredGaming Avatar

    May I email you ? In need of help learning Java

  27. The Floppy Bird Avatar

    My mom has the same car.

  28. Andrew Pullos Avatar

    I just release my first indie game Dashi Dragon on the App Store only a few days ago. I have received good reviews from those who have played it. It has a built in leader board the game took 5 months to complete. The biggest lesson I have learnt is that you can't rely on the App Store for downloads, my game is pretty much invisible.. you need to start marketing the game for the moment you start developing build a following and hype so that when its release you already have people interested. It's was worth the time just for the experience but I'll defiantly be prioritising marketing for my next project! I'm not sure if the App Store is to saturated I may need to try other market places. Can you give any advice on this?

  29. Satyr Games Avatar

    First Game we developed got little promotion and got 480 downloads! 4:41

  30. 朱琳 Avatar

    Does there any game design tools helps alot?

  31. XxPoN3dxX Games Avatar

    my biggest problem is trying to find people to share the work load with me. more minds create better games.

  32. King Delta Productions Avatar

    If at any time I can't keep an idea floating in my mind any longer, I write it down on a mass idea list on Google Drive. If an idea won't work out well (or simply shouldn't even have been thought about for the current project), I mark it red, and save it for another project.

  33. Fraser Lee Avatar

    How does this have so many views but so little likes

  34. IvanKeyz Avatar

    Do you make a living off game development?

  35. Stunts & Stuff Avatar

    how do you create a game

  36. Talent Lost - GameMaker Tutorials Avatar

    Good advice man, I think we've all dived head first into this at least once and failed as a result. Designing is super important.

  37. Cal C Avatar

    OR if you wing it don't stop trying to wing it and eventually you'll get good at winging it.  No matter how you come at it don't complete drop a path because it's hard.  #No Single Path To Game Production


    Thanks for your advice. Really helpful for us. Thank you.

  39. Ignacio Faccio Avatar

    i need a desinegr / Artist to creat sprits all work will be done in gml

  40. funkeymonkeyedc Avatar

    thanks for this video!!! But do you know what would be a good price to sell it at maybe a free game with in game purchases or $5 maybe completly free only for your 1st 1-3 games

  41. Alfie Giles Avatar

    How did you learn coding fully because I'm struggling with the YouTube videos.

    I want to be able to have a game of my own to say I made that and have something on my cv when I go to get a job and "ohh yeah I made that and I enjoyed it"

  42. All Natural Spingus Avatar

    This was incredibly helpful. Thanks man! 🙂

  43. DOOM RAPTOR Avatar

    This is how I think I will become a better game developer:

    Make a game using construct 2
    Learn javascript
    Try to make a simple 3d game using unity or unreal engine (both free)

  44. spawn1390 Avatar

    Is it possible to make a decent title with Unity? I lack programming experience.

  45. Jordan Aaron Smith Avatar

    So i have unreal engine 4 and stuff, and also have Maya, should i model stuff in maya, texture it etc, then import it into unreal and make a game? 
    Sounds like a good starting spot to me? 

  46. Michael M Avatar

    My first game I made with gamemaker:

    Please help a fellow developer by leaving some feedback 😉 (I'll do the same XD)

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