How to Boost Your Mobile App Ranking and Get More Downloads

Which category is the easiest to rank high in and increase overall visibility in the Apple (iOS) App Store?

With over 1,400,000 apps in the Apple (iOS) App Store, we took the initiative to gather the stats to find the least popular categories and how many daily downloads it takes to get maximum exposure and crack the top of the charts in 2015.

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15 responses to “How to Boost Your Mobile App Ranking and Get More Downloads”

  1. John Cogan Avatar

    Your advice here simply doesn't make any sense. You are telling people to choose the app they make based upon which category is the least saturated. This may work short term but the more successful apps out there are successful because of the fact that they are marketed well or they do their "function" well, this also includes good UX design considerations. If everyone followed your advice there'd be 10,000 dice games out there in a few months, then a different category would become less saturated.

    My advice. Rather build something you feel there is a need for or something you would enjoy making, just make it well and with thought in design.

  2. GTriddim Radio Avatar

    Awesome video Thanks for your tips i have a new App Candy Hop Mania

  3. IOSJailBreak Avatar

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  4. Bucky Avatar

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  6. Santiago Ossa Avatar

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  9. ErebusUmphalos Avatar

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  10. vinit singh Pandher Avatar

    Hey! I really liked your videos, i have a website myself 🙂
    and i want to post a video, on what it´s about. So i was wondering about what program you used to make these good looking animation videos. any suggestions?

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