How to Build a Computer – 1 – Choosing a CPU

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29 responses to “How to Build a Computer – 1 – Choosing a CPU”

  1. Amy O Avatar

    Omg I had this completely different picture in my head of what you looked like ت

  2. Video List Avatar

    God bless you bro……its because of people like you
    that underprivileged people around the world can learn….thank you…..maybe God sent
    special people like you so that others get benefited…….thank you once again….

  3. steve jobs Avatar

    hey! who are you? you know so many things from all programming language to science . how please answer me.

  4. Жавхаа Ганбаатар Avatar

    Damn your channel is University

  5. Sayed Ali Yahya ??? Avatar

    Finally, I saw the face of the person who really helped in computer science!!!!

    thank you, Buck !!!1

  6. Joe Morris Avatar

    I remember being 12 years old (20 now) and watching this video series. After 8 years I am finally building my own PC and have come back to this for the information and also the nostalgia! Awesome videos!

  7. lazar razal Avatar

    you sir are a legend.

  8. Sander Avatar


  9. Chirayu Aggarwal Avatar

    it's 2017 and I am watching this old video

  10. Zack Grey Avatar

    Hi! Your channel is really good for a kid trying to become familiar with computer science, but I was wondering if you did something for creating laptops? I'm trying to create one soon and was wondering if you could help.

  11. Alex Hu Avatar

    Your channel has literally EVERYTHING

  12. morpheusTV Avatar

    Could you please make a updates series on How to build a computer?

  13. Locating Wizard Avatar

    Make sure to watch this in "High Def". Well when it was uploaded all they had was 480p

  14. Berk Can Avatar


  15. Ranood Chan Avatar

    can i love you more ?

  16. Stuart Hickling Avatar

    Great tutorial videos for anyone wishing to learn how to build a pc easily and fast without making fundamental mistakes, many thanks! As technology changes will you be adding updates i.e. DDR4 ram and motherboards info etc..Brilliant tutorials !

  17. Dylan How Avatar

    can you build a laptop????????

  18. HikikomoriGamer Avatar

    it`s 2014 and I am still watching many of his historical stuff, there is just too much to learn lol it never ends xD

  19. Preston Andrews Avatar

    I thought CPU was just short for computer

  20. rickson50 Avatar

    "first" and only video on how to build a computer, this is from 2008, after this many years have passed you should do it again with updates

  21. Sara Ahmad Avatar

    Omg your Bucky! Why did imagine someone so much older, BTW your awesome, your tutuorials are great!!!

  22. MrAwesomeLuis Avatar

    can't tell if he was being a troll, or youtube changed things on the videos, the "hd" video is the same exact one.

  23. rei dv Avatar

    Why didn't I find this when I first decided to build a new PC, would've made the whole process a lot smoother

  24. Senshi Codo Avatar

    how fuckin awesome to see u bucky ^_^

  25. Derick Villatoro Avatar

    Wow, so clear and concise, i remember watching this when i was twelve (im 14), great explanation, definitely sharing with my peers.

  26. Suman Sharma Avatar

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  27. Erikik Kap Avatar

    Yet he understands english? dosen't matter, he spoke in english already.

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