How to Build a Computer – 2 – More on CPU’s

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26 responses to “How to Build a Computer – 2 – More on CPU’s”

  1. Esha Pillaridha Avatar

    who watch this on 2020 😀

  2. Kerim Grozny Avatar

    By the way this video was made on 2008 so do you think at that time there was any CPUs with higher GHz that 2.00?

  3. Kerim Grozny Avatar

    By the way this video was made on 2008 so do you think at that time there was any CPUs with higher GHz that 2.00?

  4. Bob dabiuld Avatar

    Where does octa core 3.5ghz fall into that category?

  5. Conor McGregor Avatar

    Have you guys noticed? Bucky speaks so clearly and it's so easy to understand exactly what's he's saying, even things that are not familiar

  6. rickson50 Avatar

    lol my singlecore is running at 3.22ghz, you need to redo these videos for computers today in day,

  7. parris compwiz Avatar

    Not to mention multi core processors allow for  parallel programming.

  8. ujwal v Avatar

    Damn,only after u mentioned AMD athlon i scrolled down to see the upload date,,and im watching this like,Oh bucky is making new videos on computer hardware so lets watch,.:D

  9. Mihailo Horvat Avatar

    Clock speed is like a rpm on engine. Its don't describe speed of cpu. Arhitecture matters. Cores mean deference only if software is programed for use of multicore/ multy cpu machines. Sorry because bad English.

  10. MoMan711 Avatar

    His excitement over the quad core makes me smile:)  Makes me realize how far we came even just since 2008.  Now we got Octa cores:)

  11. sugarpuffextreme Avatar

    its the same, 2500k 3570k and the 4670k is the same, way to little difference. Intel havent improved their cpu's since the second generation. First generation core i5 and 7's going to second generation was the last time intel actually made a better cpu.

    If you got 2 or 3 or 4:th gen core i5 you dont buy an " upgrade" unless you are retarded.

  12. Snookra Avatar

    mate that isn't amazing unless your referring to Bucky when he was making this video then it might. And yes that's a very good CPU but there are quite a lot better now and there are the -5-4670K which is the 4th generation which is better…..

  13. Mark Edman Avatar

    That is nice, (keep in mind Bucky's Videos on computers is 5 years old)
    Here is what i'm currently running that I built a few years ago:
    Intel Core i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz, 4GB 1800Mhz Installed memory (RAM), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Graphics Card, ASUS Sabertooth Military Grade Motherboard, oversized OCZ heatsink and fans with arctic cooling compound, ASUS DVD burner, 2 decent HD's one of which is 1TB with Windows 8 and other is 350GB with Windows 7, 850 watt Thermaltake Power Supply, Gamer Case

  14. MrDeathslayerr Avatar

    Ready for your mind to get blown?
    Look up:Intel Core i5-3570k
    Fucking amazing,going in my next desktop!

  15. Truth0503 Avatar

    Thank you…brothzer.

  16. TheBscit Avatar

    1.5 GHz to 2Ghz is good for browsing the internet?! I am from 2020, that is not enough.

  17. skybitscom Avatar

    Remember when you check out CPUs ALWAYS look at the cache number as well. The data flow goes through cache memory before using RAM which makes the data display faster so if you are making a gaming or video processing machine look for a higher cache plus higher CPU speed. And just like the car going down in value as soon as u leave the lot the PC is the same so get the highest speed for the money that you can afford. CPU/cache is 1st priority and then mb next for longevity.

  18. coolioschmoolio1 Avatar

    love how he gets excited when he starts talking about quad core CPUs lol

  19. HyperDiscoPanda Avatar

    64 refers to the technical specification of the processor. Commonly there are 32 bit and 64 bit processors. 64 bit processors can handle larger amounts of data on RAM, 32 bit handles less data.

  20. Joe White Avatar

    If you choose the CPU first then you know what brand you want and so you can then match it with the mother board I think:)

  21. DizzProductions Avatar

    here is what you need to know about an intel cpu sorry i dont know amd well enough but really there are two main sockets 1155 and 2011. 2011 is mainly the i7 and xenon brand and then 1155 is your i3, i5 and i think maybe a few i7's in that socket but dont get your hopes up. when you get your motherboard just look for the 1155 socket somewhere on the box or in the specs when you buy it, i built my pc and it turned out great in 2011 socket 😀 hope i helped there

  22. Dante Rav Avatar

    Bucky doesn't read the comments from Youtube. Write to him on thenewboston page in the forum.

  23. 김준호 Avatar

    hey that's recursion! 😀

  24. TeamAbsolution Griefing Avatar

    Same as me 😉 its good jus finished mine can run BF3 On high with almost everything on except anti alienising

  25. JackD2000 Avatar

    Yo bucky im new to building a pc. Is an intel core i5 processor with 4 x 3.40Ghz good?

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