How to Build a Computer – 5 – Choosing RAM

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32 responses to “How to Build a Computer – 5 – Choosing RAM”

  1. GamerPotatoGuy Avatar

    Really, desktops need dedicated cards

  2. Dick Avatar

    something is wrong with your vision.. Einstein is in forground.. wearing blue t

  3. googley98 Avatar

    That's graphical RAM, something graphics cards use. Not the same thing.

  4. ViperblueHD Avatar

    @theoldboston or anyone else. can anyone explain what GDDR5 ram is? ive heard its coming to the PS4 and i was wondering if its used in any computers.

  5. ThatEnglishGuy13 Avatar

    I once read that hard drive is like the size of your filing cabinet, while RAM is how much you can fit on your desk. Is that right?

  6. Aaron Keime Avatar


    Microsoft Windows 7


    New 500GB 32MB Cache 7200RPM Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive with 1 Year Warranty

    8GB DDR3-1333 PC3-10600 240 pin 1333Mhz Desktop Memory Ram DDR3

    TRAVR06 BLACK ATX Gaming PC Case

    750W Gaming 120MM Fan Silent ATX Power Supply PSU 12V

    GAMING COMBO AMD A10-5600K FM2 CPU+MSI FM2-A55M-E33 HDMI GLAN DDR3 Motherboard

    ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB DDR5 ENGTX560TI-DCII-2DI-1GD5 Graphics Card

  7. danny14333 Avatar

    what kind of comp. do you hve nkw that monitor

  8. Zach Brennan Avatar

    You plan to build a laptop?

  9. Fresh Avatar

    well….he did say last tutorial that "it needs to be compatible with the case we're going to buy" and he patted his desktop pc…so i dont think so…but understanding this can seriously help with laptop development…and remember, the desktop came before the laptop!

  10. jo Avatar

    Stupid Question: These tutorials can go for laptop computers correct?

  11. MrSriiki Avatar

    and with sppurt you mean the clock and ammount ofgb or they whole ram chip?

  12. jisawesome2 Avatar

    No, so long as your motherboard supports your ram, and your other parts do as well, you should be good

  13. MrSriiki Avatar

    what is it with the ram on the site of the manufacturer of the motherboards do you need to choose one of these??

  14. chakeson Avatar

    @TheRageWay it really is

  15. 302MineCrafter Avatar

    My computer came with 8 GB of RAM ._.

  16. 302MineCrafter Avatar

    …aaaand DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution…

  17. Mateo2000G Avatar

    The einstein in the background is a bit distracting :p

  18. armstrongdrob Avatar

    at 2:24 bucky was kidnapped by alians

  19. EdgarAllanPoo Avatar

    Bucky, I love you. No homo.

  20. PlzDontKillDave Avatar

    Upgraded my laptop from 4GB to 8GB of ram… and man… i can have a lot of stuff on my computer at once with out it lagging

  21. TheRageWay Avatar

    Its EXPENSIVE but.. ITS WORTH IT! lol

  22. Jon C Avatar

    WTF kinda computer is it

  23. Optik Nurv Avatar

    honestly ive compared 8 gig to 16 gig, i use 16 gig off gskill ripsaws in my rig, and when you are quad boxing it makes a difference, also, have you ever tried to run 32 ssd's in parallel with less than 16 gig of ram? lol

  24. Danry Ye Avatar

    @NextNate03 yea i did it

  25. PartyUpLive Avatar

    quick question. I have a new PC hat I use for designing my website. It has 6GM ram right now, but I can put up to 16GB. Do you think/suggest I should MAX out the ram right now? or just do incremental upgrades? Also,I tend to keep my computers until I really need an upgrade.

  26. Michael Hawkins Avatar

    Guys I'm pretty sure @NextNate03 has had enough replies telling him it's cheaper to build a PC than buy a pre-built one.

  27. Adam Jovanovic Avatar

    This video is wierd… When i fullscreen it, the bottom of the video is elongated and blurred…
    OH yeah, Nice tutorial!

  28. isgrisen Avatar

    You should make a new tutorial, since the the tech has advanced in the last four years

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