How to Build a Computer – 6 – More on RAM

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40 responses to “How to Build a Computer – 6 – More on RAM”

  1. Gurankas Singh Avatar

    Hey bucky!! These tutorials are really helpful but it would be really great if you could maybe do a 2016 version of this series as these hardware components are really outdated!! thanks. hope you see and reply back

  2. Harshit Agarwal Avatar

    shouldn't the memory standard what bucky talking about be called speed standard ?

  3. Harshit Agarwal Avatar

    what would be faster DDR 800 or DDR2 400 ?

  4. Maik Boyscii Avatar

    i'm still watching this in 2015, would be great of u bucky to make an updated version of these tutorials .

  5. Eurovision Euphoria! Avatar

    I recently installed 2x 2GB memory stick as one of mu older DDR2 1GB stick was faulty, so in all I've got 1x 1GB (yellow port) + 2x 2GB in the twin black ports. So far so good as my system recognized the new sticks and totally I've got 5GB of RAM. My motherboard being an ASUS P5B supports up to 8GB.

    The problem is that using WINDOWS 7 Ultimate version is not using the whole of the 5GB installed which recognizes but only 2.87 is usable.

    How can I configure to use the full RAM? Thanks!

  6. Nas Bench Avatar

    u got to check fot it in your motherboard specs 😉

  7. TheChowsrock Avatar

    and is it good when the RAM mhz are high?

  8. TheChowsrock Avatar

    i dont know what the memory standard you are talking about… pls answer this question

  9. TheChowsrock Avatar

    i have a question, you said never get the speed lower than memory standard but how do i know what the memory standard is?

  10. Matthew LeGrand Avatar

    Are there certain brands to look for when buying memory like kingston, or are they all essentially the same?

  11. ЯссенГрегорович Avatar

    Greedy? 128 Gigs biaches…

  12. MrZezXion Avatar

    You couldn't be more wrong. You can play some of the most intensive games with just 4gb of ram today. Arma 3 and BF3 both run great with 4gb of ram on the highest settings.

  13. Phoenix9999Rising Avatar

    "take it easy betsy" !! love it

  14. vedi0boy Avatar

    16gb of ram is perfect for gaming and basic homemade servers now a days

  15. mathias thomassen Avatar

    i got them 64 gb of ram

  16. 1 Avatar

    i got 16. i run a server.

  17. Deepstream32 Avatar

    I said that 4gb is pretty good if you are just using your computer for playing some games (maybe not the most intense games…) and just looking stuff up on the web. but i would still recomend 8gb myself 😉

  18. Th3ShadowGam3r Avatar

    The greedy point is still 16 xD but 32 is the ultimate greedyness mottafreakin beast shit…

  19. Th3ShadowGam3r Avatar

    You don't need more than 6-8… 16 is good, if you can afford it… GO FOR IT!! If you have 16 you don't need anymore…

  20. Th3ShadowGam3r Avatar

    4gb is shit.. I have it on my 3 years old shitty computer… 4gb was THE SHIT 4-5 years ago.. but now 8 would be the best to go with if you're going to go cheap… If you're going to buy a computer for mostly browsing, and maybe a bit of gaming and some programs go with 6… but 8 i mostly the shit right now..

    I prefer 16 because then I have more than enough.. I only use about 6 of it, but then I push it to the limits with 8, and I still have enough to do other shit…

    btw I'm replying for fun

  21. Th3ShadowGam3r Avatar

    8 gb is high gaming ram… but 16 is ultra gaming ram, you don't really need more than 16 now to run everything you need.. As long as you have a good graphic card..

  22. 1 Avatar

    oh yes. i need a little more. i think 16 will do. i run a program that uses up allot of memory. right now i have 6 and it goes slow.

    it is called evolve 4.0

  23. Deepstream32 Avatar

    4 is enough. Thats what i have right now. but it depends on what you are using the computer for. if you are video editing or using 3D animation programs like maya i recomend atleast 8. i have problems in maya with 4gb…

  24. nucleareightbit Avatar

    @Tim Rodd And the video is only 4 years old! Imagine where computers will be a decade from now. It's cool to think about.

  25. Kalimahala Avatar

    Obviously it would help alot. I think you would be fine with 16gb to be honest.

  26. 1 Avatar

    a program that uses allot of memory i would need more ram for right? it uses about 4 million kb, and anything higher then that it will crash. i have 6 gb right now, so if i get 16 gb of ram will it be able to go up to 10 million?

    the program is evolve 4.0

  27. 1 Avatar

    4 gibabytes? is it the same for today?

  28. Brandon Busby Avatar

    I have 16GB on my laptop

  29. Rhydocss Avatar

    haha ram is so cheap nowadays you could get 32GB for £150 – £200. You wont catch me using more than 8GB though for maybe £30

  30. Tal Moore Avatar

    The speed of your RAM should match the speed of you Front Side Bus.

  31. Kalimahala Avatar

    I know your comment is 9 months old but just if you don't know yet, you overshot the 16GB. 8GB would have been enough but now you can atleast run your MC server 24/7 all day all night.

  32. Hovercraft55 Avatar

    "Take it easy bessie!" Honestly had to stop myself from laughing at that!

  33. MinMax123 Avatar

    A minecraft server usually takes 1GB of ram

  34. TheSomnambulist06 Avatar

    I'm greedy. I want my 32 :p

  35. Mister Cake Avatar

    8 is plenty. With 8GB ram you can handle 60 online players easy. Now if it's bigger then that, then go for 16GB. But if you are having a personal server you only need 8GB.

  36. Universum Avatar

    im looking at 64

  37. SCARRIOR Avatar

    2:25 he bashes the motherboard :O
    Its still an expensive otherboard back at the time.

  38. Joe Avatar

    my pc has 4gb ddr3 1333mhz

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