How to Build a Simple iOS Chat App – Ep 6 – Building and Animating the Message Dock

Building and Animating the Message Dock

In this lesson, we build the message dock area where the users type in their message. Furthermore, we learn how to animate it so the on-screen keyboard doesn’t cover it while the user is typing their message.

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15 responses to “How to Build a Simple iOS Chat App – Ep 6 – Building and Animating the Message Dock”

  1. Terrance Collins Avatar

    "let" seems to always give me issues…it never fails

  2. Las Vegas Kane Avatar

    can you update this video set for firebase?? I think this is pretty awesome but Parse is going out of business.

  3. FlyteWizard Avatar

    Xcode 7 doesn't have any problems with this video. Didn't have to change a thing. Hope everyone figures out the tutorial.

  4. Hunter Harrington Avatar

    why am i not seeing the virtual keyboard when clicking the text box?

  5. Yannick Ceulemans Avatar

    if i try to run it say "cannot invoke 'animateWithDuration' with an argument list of type '(int, int, animations:0->_,completion: nil)'" and it won'd run what can i do?

  6. Colby Tobin Avatar

    How can you do this in objective c?

  7. llelen Avatar

    Very hard( i got lost at tapgesture part. Untill then all was ok, but the part where tableview is tapped is strange. i even opened documantation, but am still lost.  Chris, your tutorials are the best out there. Can you please put the content of the viewcontroller.swift in a txt file for download?

  8. Endless Adventure Avatar

    anyone else having trouble with the tapgesture??
    in the line self.messageTableView.addGestureRecognizer(tapGesture) it comes up with an error.. "use of unresolved identifier 'tapGesture'

  9. Tomáš Slíž Avatar

    Setting constraints hardly when keyboard is showed or hidden is bad practice. You can't reuse this on iPad and when Apple changes keyboard size in the future, you have a problem. I understand, that this is tutorial series for beginners, but therefore bad solutions should not be used.

  10. 1278dale Avatar

    Hi, really enjoying these videos btw. Thanks very much for the effort you've put in to help others learn.

    I keep getting this error when I run the app in the simulator, (around 15 minutes into the video so everything worked up until then). I've done some google searches and it seems some people are as puzzled as I am, is this an xCode bug?

    The error shows in AppDelegate on the line: 
    class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {

    – As a Thread 1: signal SIGABRT

    Cheers for any help

  11. Michael O'Rourke Avatar

    +hatchimitsuchai Thanks for that heads up

  12. hatchimitsuchai Avatar

    Heads up everyone. Some of you now or in the future might have issues with the keyboard not displaying in the simulator. In my case the keyboard did not pop-up in the iPhone 6. Go to iOS Simulator -> Hardware -> Keyboard and uncheck "Connect Hardware Keyboard". This will make the keyboard function properly. Good luck.

  13. Batuhan Topbaş Avatar

    Hi Chris! Thanks for video. But why you not integrate JSQMessagesViewController ui library. I think progress is faster if u use this library!

  14. CodeWithChris Avatar

    In this lesson #6, we create and animate the message dock of our simple chat app! #parse #chatapp #swift

  15. Talha Qamar Avatar

    Thanks for making such awesome tutorials.But it would be really great if you design them well.Like in most of the apps i.e whatsapp,viber etc.

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