How to Build a Tip Calculator Part 5 Use the Tip Calculator Brain to Make It Powerful and Functional

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3 responses to “How to Build a Tip Calculator Part 5 Use the Tip Calculator Brain to Make It Powerful and Functional”

  1. westfield90 Avatar

    the line I was able to get accepted by xcode was:

    tipCalc.amountBeforeTax = Float(amountBeforeTaxTextField.text!)!

    I haven't gotten to the end of the project but it allowed me to continue to the next step.

  2. westfield90 Avatar

    I'm getting the error "Cannot convert value of type String? to type 'NSString' in coercion. don't know how to get past that

  3. Jean Menezes Avatar

    Hey guys, thanks for the hard work putting these videos up. It is a really good sequence. I'm having a problem minute 11:00 when you setup the func calcTIp , when i setup the NSString it says "value of optional type SString not unwrapped, did you mean to use '!' or '?'". THen i clicked it to fix automatically, it seemed to world it doesnt build the interface anymore, some error occur and there are a lot of threads in a blue texted screen instead.. What should i do? Would it be because my version of xcode is different? i/m on version 7.2

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