How To Build a Website in 70 Minutes – Part 2

Part 2 – Learn how to build a website from scratch
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This video shows you how to build a website with wordpress for beginners, brought to you by

You can learn how to create a website step by step with this video so it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, and best of all you won’t need to write a single line of code!

We teach you how to make a website with wordpress, the most popular CMS available which powers about 20% of the websites online.

WordPress is so simple to use and requires no coding at all which is one of the reasons why it is so popular as anyone can use it to build websites.

Another benefit of using wordpress is you get access to hundreds of free themes and plugins so any time you need to change the appearance of your site or add some extra functions, you can do this quickly and easily within a few clicks.






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    Thank you so much for this tutorial!!

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