How To Build A Website | Learn How To Make A Website With WordPress


Learn how to build a website with WordPress, software to create a website fast!

Watch this video if you have ever wondered ‘how can I build a website for free?’ This step by step easy tutorial will show you how to build a website and host it, plus you’ll receive 25% off your website hosting plan. Learn how to build a website with wordpress software to and all the skills to customize your website.

There are plenty of websites to build websites available, but they often use complicated software and it can be expensive to pursue web development. I’m going to show you how to build a website for free. Using wordpress for webdesign is made easy with this clever, free website design software. It’s essentially an out of the box web site solution. It was developed by 100s of community volunteers and has 1000s of free website templates, widgets and plugins. With so many customization options, you will find this free website builder very versatile and so easy to make your own website. Because this is such high quality software, in excess of 60 million people use wordpress to create websites and blogs. You will never need to hire a web designer with wordpress because it’s so simple to use.

The only cost associated with building a website is the domain registration, although buying a domain name is great value for money, giving you the best return for your investment. You can learn how to build a website with GoDaddy, but I’m I’m going to show you how to build a website with Hostgater. I strongly recommend hosting your website with Hostgator because they provide an awesome service. They provide excellent customer service 24 hours, 7 days a week. When you have problems, help is always there. If your website fails, or there is a security problem, these guys are awesome and know what to do. I have been using them for webhosting for 5 years and I can’t fault them. They’re always happy to help with any questions you have about wordpress and how to make your own website.

If you click the link below to Hostagater directly below the video, you’ll receive a 25% discount off your entire hosting plan when you complete your order! Once you have clicked the link, you want to go to webhosting plans and in the middle you’ll see a baby plan option. This is the one you want to choose to host your website. You will get unlimited domain names, allowing you to create as many websites as you like for under 10 dollars a month. Click on order now and type in your domain name or website name. If it isn’t available you will get an error message and be prompted to enter a different domain name. Once confirmed, choose a username, add an email address and submit your payment details. You can pay via credit card or paypal.

Once your domain registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Your welcome email from Hostgator will provide a link to c panel; from here you can install the wordpress software and start to build a website. Click on the link to c panel and enter your username and password shown in the email. Now you can see the c panel.

Don’t be concerned about all the icons; we are only interested in a program called fantastico deluxe. This is located towards the bottom of the screen under software/services. Click on the smiley face icon and from the left hand toolbar, find blogs and choose wordpress. Choose ‘new installation’ and enter your login details which you will need to use later to create a website. Click install wordpress. While you may be thinking how do u build a website using this software without knowing anything about it, I promise you that it’s easy and I’ll walk you through it!

Now you are looking at the wordpress dashboard where you will learn how to build ur own website. This is easy to do and you will get plenty of great website ideas from wordpress. It’s simple to navigate, with everything you need displayed on the left hand column. From here you can easily create a website using wordpress.
If you want to add a blog to your web template, go to pages add a new, type in ‘blog’ for your page name and publish. This will populate all your blog posts under this page, keeping your website easy to navigate.

WordPress is a very powerful tool and there are thousands of website designs that you can search for. In fact, you’ll find only the best website designs on wordpress. It’s so easy to build business websites that look professional or pursue any other type of website development you’re interested in. To change the look of your website, go to themes install themes, and you’ll see thousands of options and these are being added to all the time. Learning how to build a website from scratch is really straightforward with wordpress. As you can see, I’ve taken you through the basics of building a website from start to finish in around 10 minutes.

I hope you enjoy learning how to build your own website.