How to Build Interactive Social Networking Apps – Prototype iOS Apps with Flinto

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iOS Development Tutorial – Build Interactive and Social Networking Apps with Parse

Hey everyone,

It’s Duc. Welcome to the first sample chapter from Build Interactive Social Networking Apps Course. I designed this course to help developers design, prototype, and build interactive apps with social networking apps. I also hope that from the learning experience and hands-on challenges in this course, my students will go out there developing their apps with great care for design in mind.

I do hope that this course can attract a large amount of designers and push them to try out developing their own apps from their wonderful ideas and prototypes and designs.

The course will focus on four main goals by accomplishing two fully functional apps:

— Teach you to design UI in Sketch 3. I’m not a professional designer but if you look at the project and after watching and practicing with this video, I hope that you find Sketch incredibly easy to use.

— Prototype any app ideas (with Flinto in this course). Never go straight ahead spending weeks developing your apps right away. “Fake it til you make it!”. Have a prototype.

— Implement interactive features (things like customized transitions, animation, carousel home screen, stretchy headers…). Create social networking features for your apps.

— Finally, hands-on challenges. I want you to own this course and own the two projects in this course. I will walk every step along the way with you but the only way you learn anything new and make it stick with you is to do it yourself.






31 responses to “How to Build Interactive Social Networking Apps – Prototype iOS Apps with Flinto”

  1. Its Paco Avatar

    i can't download the resources ;( can someone help me?

  2. IZ REAL Avatar

    Very interesting, Do you make apps and what is your fee. I need an app for my site.

  3. K I X Avatar

    hey wats the song??

  4. j j Avatar

    who else thought he looked like alex wassabi?

  5. vee rock Avatar

    hey where to download images

  6. 4k future bro Avatar

    hey dictionary I'm the biggest fan of you and you are the best

  7. A S Productions Avatar

    Sir How to connect it with the internet .
    how we can chat or post on the app

  8. Legendary Gamer Avatar

    I just didn't understand on how to create a new post

  9. Danny Tran - HoogleyBoogley Network Avatar

    Can you do the same thing with Adobe XD now? I would think so right?

  10. AnDre J. Anderson Avatar

    can i use flinto on Windows 8?

  11. Keren Berhane Avatar

    please let me know asap! I have to learn how to make my screens before I start to use flinto

  12. Keren Berhane Avatar

    how do i make my own screens

  13. TSTM Productions Avatar

    Will this in any way 'own' my app?

  14. Face Chat Ltd. Avatar

    hello! bro canyou make those prompts for me or tell me how you made it or from which application

  15. ao padilla Avatar

    Hi! thanks for the video…Please let me know how can we interact. I'd like to develop an app but I have very less idea on how to do it. It's an app that could worth billion dollars.


  16. Gbenga Jolayemi Avatar

    Thanks for this video. please I need the link for the next video.

  17. Gbenga Jolayemi Avatar

    Thanks for this video. please I need the link for the next video.

  18. SeanYves09 Avatar

    where did you get those images you copied at the beginning

  19. Douwe Boerma Avatar

    parse has shut down

  20. WillieTaylorVlog Avatar

    Can your course help me create my app from the prototype that i have created or….

  21. Don Romeo Avatar

    hey can you pot something that will allow you to make an like that on windows and also for ios/android

  22. jerzy morales Avatar

    what song is played in the intro of the app?

  23. FUTBLAST DIDA Avatar

    DUC, thanks this video really helps, but I can't find the project images?

  24. prestigegaming56 Avatar

    I have a great idea for an app however need assistance making it. If anyone is interested then please reply to this comment and I will contact you.

  25. Aleksa Djordjic Avatar

    Does this work on Android phones ??

  26. Ashley Ta Avatar

    what is the size measurements for the scroll down template ?

  27. Sam Russell Avatar

    HELP MEEEEEE HELP HELP, I cant find where we find the PROJECT IMAGE!!! plz help me

  28. KidsPlayGames Avatar

    hey ! the course dont let me sign up… why?

  29. Sarah Scott Avatar

    Your website is broken. I go to use the tutorials and it says your website has expired.

  30. sebaale91 Avatar

    Mmmm…Your website is not working mate.

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