How To Build iPhone Apps – S01E01: Introduction, Demo App and Installing XCode

Learn How To Build iPhone and iPad Apps. A video tutorial series aimed at beginners. Step by step tutorials to build your skills in iOS Development!

The goal is to get apps submitted into the Apple App Store and to have fun doing it! I will teach you the basics of using XCode, architecting iPhone and iPad applications, designing the user interface, coding it in Objective C, all the way to monetizing it and putting it into the Apple App Store.

This first tutorial series of videos is going to teach you the basics of iOS development before we can get into some serious app building. We’re going to build a basic iPhone demo app together step by step to teach you the basic building blocks of iOS development. By the end of this series (approximately 8 videos) you’ll have a good understanding of what an iPhone view is comprised of and how to put different user interface elements on the screen and make them respond to the user’s touch.

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45 responses to “How To Build iPhone Apps – S01E01: Introduction, Demo App and Installing XCode”

  1. RustHog Avatar

    You sound like Anthony Padilla. (Smosh.)

  2. John Liu - Awesome Videos Avatar

    If I don't have a Mac what is something else I can use?

  3. joshua sasa Avatar

    It will be better if you teach us the programs for building .

  4. FeelGoodMusic Avatar


  5. Earl Landry Avatar

    Do you design as a job?

  6. danny C Avatar

    So u can't make an iPhone app with out a mac computer?

  7. Maverick Avatar

    Hey chris, i know many people have ideas for apps, but i was wondering if i had a great idea for an app could you help me create it? i know nothing about coding so that's why i need help

  8. NikcyYoutuber Avatar

    Hy guays SUP check out my cannes its really good but Thats justo my opinion so check it out

  9. The Sogaroe Avatar

    can I use xcode on windows 7 or 8. If not which other site I can go, to make an app

  10. Linda Primera Avatar

    I just don't get the Coding!!!

  11. Paul Guasque Avatar

    hi chris i am interested to build an app
    hope you can contact me thank you
    FB : Peewee Guasque
    skype : Teampeewee888

    thank you

  12. Public Post Avatar

    Hello, is Xcode the same thing as Swift ? Are they 2 different programs or the same?

    Thank you

  13. Jaher Ahmed Avatar

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about iphone application development company try Vaxicorn Easy App Guide (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  14. Johnny Blaze Avatar

    I'm knew to coding. Which Mac should I buy? Or is iPad pro good?

  15. Jordan Avatar

    Hi Chris, Is there a quicker way to contact you? I have a few questions about developing an app. Business background with no programming experience.

    Let me know, Thanks.

  16. Warrior Avatar

    Hi Christopher Ching!

  17. Aiden Jacob Avatar

    Do you NEED a Mac? Or can it run on Windows?

  18. Kitten Meow Avatar

    where can i find the next video how do i know which one it is

  19. Medisin6RS Avatar

    So developing apps with Windows is not possible with xcodes? you have to download it with an IOS ?

  20. this is TJ HI Brooks Avatar

    specifically. what MacBook did you use?

  21. Justine of the house Beiber Avatar

    i want to learn how to code where should i start?

  22. it is mine it is mine Avatar

    Does it works on Windows

  23. Mohamed Isfan Avatar

    Wow.So amazing! I'm really love this. Please upload more videos soon on this subject

  24. Ryan Gonzalez Avatar

    i have a great idea but i just need someone too help me make an app(app developer) anyone please?

  25. San Do Avatar

    all i can say is thank u!

  26. Daniel Gomez Avatar

    hey im also new to the coding world but can i create an app with an windows computer

  27. Saral Thakur Avatar

    hey,i am like new to this coding world, where should i begin. do i need to have a degree for coding or can i learn online.

  28. Amir Mohamed Avatar

    thank you. does it work on xcode Version 6.3.2

  29. Global Tek Avatar

    thank u this video is helpful to apps devlopers

  30. Compli Cated Avatar

    Thank you verryyy much!   I really appreciate these videos.

  31. Coolchizman Avatar

    Thank you so much. I'm 12 years old and I'm making an iPhone app with my friend. This helped us so much!

  32. Piyush Lavhe Avatar

    is it necessary to have a mac….can we run xcode in windows os

  33. Pranvit Singh Avatar

    Can u teach us of windows too because I don't have mac i have windows…

  34. Rod N. York Avatar

    What a great instructor! Thank you very much.

  35. Lord Freze Avatar

    teach us how to connect  to a data base or paypal with the option to digital download store

  36. GamerPaak Avatar

    Do you really need a mac or can I use pc/windows

  37. I a m s a m u e l g Avatar

    Help please. 
    Im beggining with 6.1 and dont know what to do.

  38. William Sheerin Vlogs Avatar


  39. Jimbo Avatar

    A mac… Really?

  40. Rob Revelion Avatar

    All you need is a

  41. Turd Burglar Avatar

    I have some Really Really good ideas for gaming apps but have no idea how to code, if anyone is interested in linking up and giving my ideas a shot please contact me I promise you won't be disappointed, I know these ideas Will go viral.

  42. Blythe Roop Avatar

    Can u use windows 8

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