How to Build Social Network Apps – for iOS, Android, Web Development – How to Make an App

FREE iOS Course: — How to build social network apps

Have you ever wondered how people built Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat?

What are the skills and technology do you need to build these apps or most apps nowadays?

Most apps now have at least two components:
(1) A front end – the app users interact on your phone / website
(2) A back end – some computers in data center that are connected to the Internet.

The backend will allow you send and receive data in real time.

It allows you to create social network features, store data on the web or even play online games.

Watch the video for my full details on this model.

FREE iOS Course: — How to build social network apps

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21 responses to “How to Build Social Network Apps – for iOS, Android, Web Development – How to Make an App”

  1. Ashutosh Khobare Avatar

    I love you bro u r good

  2. Vergo Gaming Avatar

    I am a 14 year-old boy hoping to build the next Instagram or Facebook and you are my major help. Thanks <3

  3. Heavenlyfilmpro Avatar

    You're changing the world Duc! Keep it up!

  4. Virat Jack Avatar

    Iam searching lot for this but im dissappointing everytime But now im clear myself to what to do THANK u duc Keep going

  5. Jean Paul Avatar

    I've been learning web development for a while now but there are so many new technologies available now that sometimes we make things more complicated than they should be, don't forget the basics!!! learned a lot from this video man. Def subscribing to your channel. Thanks

  6. venkat prabhu Avatar

    Thank you very much Tran , it helps us lot

  7. The Proud Fox Avatar

    i love your videos, so interesting 🙂 thanks for your work

  8. Blessing Nzuza Avatar

    This video is great Duc Tran thanks man we'd like to see more brother.

  9. Daddy Doug Avatar

    Does firebase, Google Cloud, or Amazon AWS cost anything?

  10. Aditya Sharma Avatar

    Good job
    Clearing the air !

  11. dont mug yourself Avatar

    How can you get different news source lists in an iOS app?

  12. Sagar Daundkar Avatar

    can you please give the demo of sqlite database in swift

  13. MaheshGvelly Avatar

    Awesome video …geart information given…thanks for sharing bro…SUBSCRIBED!!!… how could i pull up insta feed on my ios app? can you please help me with this

  14. mohamed chief Avatar

    please we want to learn swift 3 what the best source for learn it

  15. Amosh Sapkota Avatar

    U r really genius bro

  16. abdou ett Avatar

    Great work Duc. Thank you so much for time and effort

  17. MedoMan Avatar

    Hey Duc, Can you do a tutorial on how we can make our laptop/Mac a server, where we make a server our own please? Thanks

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