How To Change Website Name In WordPress

Need free website help?
Learn how to change the website name or blog name in wordpress






14 responses to “How To Change Website Name In WordPress”

  1. ANDFRAME Avatar

    you are great
    I will say
    thank you sir

  2. JC Tan Channel Avatar

    this step is for Mac or Win 7

  3. Ronald Purificacion Avatar

    Hi Tyler,very helpful and very easy to follow your tutorial,now I changed the name of my website.thank you so much

  4. John Nephin Avatar

    Thanks Tyler, as always, crystal clear tuition, many thanks. J Nephin

  5. Sherene A Smith Avatar

    This provided excellent help! Straight to the point. Kudos!

  6. thiru h Avatar

    Hi Tyler,  I watch every tutorial you make. from start to end  all are very good and simple instructions.  I made website for my private business . Thanks for your time

  7. noah schade Avatar

    Hi tyler, I did the same mistake as 24BELIAS I messed with my wordpress(url) and I cant access my website anymore. Can U please help me out?

  8. fkanellis Avatar

    hi Tyler, I'm getting a different view under my general settings
    Self Title
    E-mail address
    How can i change my Site address (URL) it doesn't show up at all. I'm afraid I have a different version and cannot get the website started.

  9. Christopher Zerk Avatar

    Thanks, you are cool.

  10. Dekster Avatar

    thank you very much you are my idol !

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