How to Code PHP Tutorial 1

This is part 1 of my How to Code PHP Tutorial. You’ll learn why you should use php. I’ll profile ways you can use PHP and go over the basics.






24 responses to “How to Code PHP Tutorial 1”

  1. Michał Klimowski Avatar

    Please, make Yii2 tutorial! Best framework ever 🙂

  2. Football Exclusive Avatar

    when will you do laravel tutorials

  3. dnvdk Avatar

    you are my man

  4. Fantasterrific Avatar

    Will you cover any PHP framework like Zend or Symfony2? (if you haven't covered it here of course, I didn't cover this tutorial)

  5. İlkin Hüseynli Avatar

    You're speaking faster now 🙂

  6. Jed Knight Avatar

    +Derek Banas What is a language where you can analyse SSL and TCP encryption?

  7. Evan Boyes Avatar

    At 3:15 you taught me something that helped me solve a problem I have been struggling with for the last 3 hours….. I was trying to create a directory with a variable being part of the path. What I was doing was putting the variable outside of the double quotes not knowing that it could be put inside… Thank you!

  8. Jacob Gill Avatar

    I am trying to set up a website to sell items to people
    I need to have a code so when they buy from my website I need it to buy from a different website
    please can you help?

  9. BigDk Mcgee Avatar

    Hi Derek i see you got some few videos on Php OOP  can you please do more in depth videos explaining more of the OOP functions etc..

  10. Derek Banas Avatar

    I have a much better php tutorial on my youtube channel. I have improved dramatically since I made this video

  11. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you 🙂 You may prefer my newer PHP tutorial. It is called Web Design and Programming and is on my YouTube channel. It is much better than this one. Always feel free to ask questions

  12. Don Adams Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorials, I will be starting school again for computer science and these videos look like they will really help. Thanks a bunch for putting the time into doing this. Computer science seems so impossible but when I see these videos it looks like it is possble to understand.

  13. Derek Banas Avatar

    My new tutorial on PHP is called Web design and programming. It is much better than this if you are interested

  14. Omer Ahmed Avatar

    php is most pupular now yet..

  15. AssilEats Falafal Avatar

    oh yea i forget to ask: ive written my html script and connected the css external file with my html file and non or my browsers show any of the content that ive put in… ive looked up my variables and values of the css file and they are fine…the only thing that is shown is the background color and bg image… plz help if you have time and thank you very much

  16. AssilEats Falafal Avatar

    you know derek i can hear the music in the background XD great tut. by the way

  17. Derek Banas Avatar

    @Colstonewall Absolutely!!! PHP is extremely important. Python is used with Django and it's great, but most hosting companies won't allow you to use Django

  18. Chris Kavanagh Avatar

    Derek, do you think PHP is still the most popular scripting language used on the web?? With other web frameworks popping up, like Django, is PHP in a decline?? Still worth learning??

  19. Derek Banas Avatar

    @rough12865 Thank you. I really appreciate that 🙂

  20. Derek Banas Avatar

    @JAM3Swilliams Save it with the php extension instead of HTML and it will work

  21. Derek Banas Avatar

    @mungomungleton Php files always end with .php It is best to print out the code and refer to it as I proceed through the tutorial. You'll find my other tutorial easier to understand because I type out everything and explain each line of code as I go.

  22. Ed Christopher Avatar

    thank you i'm realy struggling to get off the ground with this thing .. i finding it hard to sort it all out in my head how it all sorts together e.g php, my sql, web front end etc … what file extension do i save the file as? thank you, ed.

  23. Derek Banas Avatar

    @mungomungleton You can use any basic text editor. I use text wrangler on a mac and notepad++ on the pc. You might prefer my other interactive tutorial on PHP. It's called Web Design and Programming. Much better than this one.

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