How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) – Part 1

In this video series, I’ll show you how to connect an iPhone app to MySQL. We’ll go through it step by step starting from the beginning.

You’ll learn how to:
– Sign up for web hosting
– Create a new MySQL database
– Set up a MySQL database user
– Set access permission for that user
– Create a PHP web service to access the data
– Create an iOS app with a tableview, multiple screens and a map
– Access the PHP web service via the app to download the data from your MySQL database.

This is a video version of the tutorial here:

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12 responses to “How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) – Part 1”

  1. Gabo Mendoza Avatar

    just what i need…Thanks a lot for this tutorials Chris !

  2. Silicon Info Avatar

    Really Excellent Post. Ive been looking for a tutorial like this. Very easy to understand. Thanks for this video very helpful.

  3. rgl168 Avatar

    an other reason why MySQL is preferred: when writing internal apps in a corporate environment, there are restrictions where you can store the data. In these cases if you start storing corporate data on an external database (such as Firebase) you will most likely get "lectured" by the IT department.

  4. Jesse Zamudio Avatar

    hey chris, i was wondering if you make apps for people. i would like to hire you to make my app. please message me if interested. z

  5. sanjib de Avatar

    Can you help me out with one topic? i want to create a design like android app store, which have a collection view under tableview cell. i am implemented it with objective c. but my problem is that, all the collectionview show same data. i know, i use a self datasource and delegate method. but i can't implement it.I go throw all many of the documents, but all are using swift, but i want to objective-c. If u create that type of design using objective-c than i am thakfull to you. Waiting for ur rply

  6. Rawkfist1501 Avatar

    Hey Chris! Im not sure if you have any videos dealing in this.. But im stuck trying to figure out how to save an array to an app so when i close the app and open it back up the array will show up on my table. Is this going to be core data?

  7. tylp Avatar

    Thank you! Ive been looking for a tutorial like this for 2 weeks and here comes ur video!

  8. Robert Tillman Avatar

    YES!! Please hurry with the vids haha

  9. Ali Akkawi Avatar

    Hello sir, thanks for the interesting tutorials, are you gonna also cover how to transfer data from app to MySql, delete and update data? Thanks a lot.

  10. Tom Jansen Avatar

    Interesting! Do you think MySql is the cheapest option as well?

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