How to Create 3D Mobile Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

welcome to new photo effect tutorial, where i will show you how to create 3d illusion and make it seem that objects are coming out of mobile.

it is similar to the another 3d photo effect i did sometime ago, but i tried different approach to utilize that method and created this, it gives you a lot more freedom for all your photo effects and you can experiment a lot.

for this tutorial we will need a mobile photo and picture of something that leads way somewhere, roads, tracks, tunnels and we will learn how to combine those pictures to create fantastic photo effect.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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36 responses to “How to Create 3D Mobile Effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Drak Avatar

    When making the shadow, it's better to fit the feet before you rotate or whatever, then skew it to match perspective wise

  2. ZidaPele _ 876 pele _ Avatar

    yow… i really like your simplicity… easy to understand and follow…

  3. The Brown Nomad Avatar

    So fucking Simple! Indians are super talented!

  4. Adam El-Kadi Avatar

    You are a master, keep it up bro!

  5. Palash Urkudw Avatar

    Sir can you give us tutorial on model shoots and editings of model shoots?

  6. raihanna x Avatar

    i cant oppen the road link because it is wrong can u plz download it again

  7. Scary Book Avatar

    Thanks My Bro. I Likef Your Video!!:))BRAVOOO!!!!!VERY GOOD PROJECT

  8. filó zsombor Avatar

    Here is the pic of the road:…12389.41086.0.48195.….0…1.1.64.img..8.13.1839.0..0j35i39k1j0i30k1j0i10i30k1j0i19k1j0i30i19k1.eqJhgXSTi-Y#imgrc=OKW4k0bFtTFywM:

  9. Michelle Mendes Avatar

    Amazing, thank you for sharing

  10. Krishna kkanth Marri Avatar

    I love this video.. Bro cause of I make my girlfriend pic like this.. And I want to know which ps version are u using sir???

  11. Jay&Joy Avatar

    Wow…. What an creativity!!

  12. Lennart Aurich Avatar

    I dont have the green with fibers in my list also coloured paper isn´t there. What should I do?

  13. michael mwaura Avatar

    Good tutorial, I liked it so much.

  14. Furious Avatar

    Your link to the Road image doesn't work so i went to pexels and found the image so here is the correct link just incase

  15. ROCK BHAI Avatar

    road image not downloading

  16. barni freak Avatar

    Einfach super gemacht mal sehen ob ich das auch hinbekomme
    leider no englisch

  17. Mdm Ashad Avatar

    hi can u upload a video of how to use making tool

  18. Shahir Mostafa Avatar

    i cannot get the road image

  19. Amandeeep Singh Avatar

    You are #Totally A Master bro
    Keep Adding More Videos

  20. MD ASLAM Avatar

    amar mathay ballllll o dhuke na

  21. joe Mocyr Avatar

    Bom muito gostei

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