How To Create a 3D Tube Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to have some fun using Illustrator’s blend tool to create a cool three dimensional type effect that looks like it’s made out of a long bendy tube. We’ll then apply an effect which gives it somewhat of a furry appearance, making it a useful trick to keep in mind for whenever you might need to make some creative artwork for titles or logos.

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9 responses to “How To Create a 3D Tube Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Justin Avatar

    Great tutorial. They always are. 🙂

    I was wondering whether or not you'd ever consider doing more general Illustrator tutorials? You seem to have a sophisticated grasp of the program and I think it would be useful, and likely relatively easy for you, to help people better understand Illustrator. I have a good grasp of Photoshop but find Illustrator more difficult to get things done in.

    Either way, I always enjoy your content and always look forward to more of it.

  2. waseem565 Avatar

    Too good
    Too esey

  3. Lorena Duarte Avatar

    awsome. I tried to make a dragon using this tecnique. it stays really cool

  4. Marcos Cortes Avatar

    Fucking Gooooood !!!!

  5. Off The Dome Media Group Avatar

    Wow, that was easy yet yields awesome results. Great tutorial as always. Thanks.

  6. Bruce Wayne Avatar

    Thank You for such a GREAT Channel!! Great Information!Thank you!
    Have you checked out the channel Cre80s ? He is a fun guy who shows how to make awesome intros for youtubers and other “creations”. But HE IS SO COOL! and for some reason he is stuck in the 80s??? Check him out! And keep up your great work!

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