How To Create a Cinemagraph in Adobe Photoshop

Today’s video tutorial is all about Cinemagraphs, which are cool animated GIFs where the motion is restricted to a specific area of the image. You can make Cinemagraphs from any video footage as long as there’s a combination of stationary objects and looping elements. Ideally it will have been filmed using a tripod to eliminate shaking or moving too. Clips of escalators, subway trains, or some kind of repetitive human action all produce great results, especially if there’s other areas of the shot that can be frozen to enhance the effect.

Free video clips from
Girl Looking Towards the Ocean from VideoHive:

See my original Cinemagraph tutorial from 2013:

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31 responses to “How To Create a Cinemagraph in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. DRP Sinha Avatar

    i like is you wonder nicce

  2. fespinal4444 Avatar

    1:05 Did he just ignore the girl's left leg?

  3. Robert Bascelli Avatar

    better tutorials out there. This guy goes way to fast with no explanation of why and how.

  4. R J C DE GUZMAN Avatar

    Speaks too fast . Needs to pronounce words correctly as standard English pronunciation so as to convey smooth understanding , blending seeing and hearing.

  5. Tara Doherty Avatar

    Thanks for the link to coverr, some nice free assets there for practicing.

  6. Zoee White Avatar

    Thanks for the intro to the Coverr website! Some real cool vids there that will keep me busy 😉

  7. Dirty Dan Avatar


  8. moose43h Avatar

    how do i save in mp4 to upload to instagram??

  9. Kristy-Lynn Polowich Avatar

    Your awesome! This video was so helpful!

  10. Pemba Sherpa Avatar

    I tried the same way but could not get rid of audio.

  11. Aaron Paul Avatar

    That's way to complicated and time consuming. I use Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel. Takes me less than 5 minutes to create HD and 4K cinemagraphs.

  12. Bernard Bertrand Avatar

    excellent ! ( by the way, I just discovered your channel, it rocks ! )

  13. New York City Files Avatar

    Great job, very helpful!

  14. MrTobbsie Avatar

    Awesome guide and awesome accent 🙂

  15. Marcus Pålsson Avatar

    Love your tutorials!
    You helped me understand illustrator!
    More illustrator tutorials please!

  16. Lisbeth Davies Avatar

    Excellent tutorrial made even better by proper closed captions (not auto-gibberish) – thank you!

  17. Dawn Everitt Avatar

    Perfect timing. I was trying to think of what this technique was called for a project! Well explained – can't wait to try it!

  18. Newecreator Avatar

    Lumia Cinemagraph. :3

  19. Joke sparrow Avatar

    +Spoon Graphics Update tutorial weekly pls

  20. Just Joker Avatar

    This is awesome man!

  21. NobleDesignMedia Avatar

    So cool. Thanks so much!

  22. FlixelPhotos Avatar

    That's an awesome tutorial. The Flixel Team used to make cinemagraphs in Photoshop. That's was inspired us to create apps that make it easy to do. We do of course still use Photoshop to edit the still frame and other things that Cinemagraph Pro doesn't do. Keep up the great work.

  23. A. Groot Avatar

    Great tutorial!

  24. Lorenzo Hernandez Avatar

    so cool I'm going to give a shot

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