How To Create A Facebook Store With WooCommerce 2017 – Sell On Facebook With WooCommerce!💰

In this woocommerce plugin tutorial, There is a new plugin for facebook that allows you to integrate your entire shop on to facebook for free! The plugin also allows you to setup your facebook pixel with one click! So with this plugin, you can intergrate your wordpress woocommerce with facebook and create a facebook store!

You can download the facebook plugin for woocommerce here:

You can read more about pixels and documentation here:

And learn what facebook pixels do here:

You can also learn how to use facebook ads on my tutorial here:

For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at






40 responses to “How To Create A Facebook Store With WooCommerce 2017 – Sell On Facebook With WooCommerce!💰”

  1. Dimitrina Traikov Avatar

    hi, thanks for the tutorial. I set up mu Woocommerce shop my Facebook page, but I have only a button Share under each product. And when you press on it it takes to check out to the webpage. How I can a button Buy or Shop also under each product that can take the customers directly to my webpage.

  2. احمد الجعيبر Avatar

    i instal the plugin in my wordpress i have problem When i press the button get started Are directed to\hash tag onle\ # exampl what can i do to fix

  3. Resham Deshpande Avatar

    I have followed all steps but I am not able to view products on my fb store. Does it take time to reflect. My website is and fb page is

  4. Florence & The Black Cats Avatar

    Hi, really helpful video, thanks! My webshop sells unique handmade items, so there's only one of each product. Which means products change regularly and as soon as one item is sold, it is removed from the shop entirely. Do you know if this plugin updates the catalog accodingly and automatically?

  5. RKF Search Results Avatar

    Darrel, how much do you make with this. I'm seeing people getting products from Ali Express, marketing them on Facebook though using Shopify. I understand now, they use that for it's ease of use, though options are very limited vs WprdPress. Though are those others making more money, I'm understanding they're making $200 a day and up, though I guess that's through the power of the facebook pixel for driving traffic?

  6. al Smith Avatar

    Help!!!! get error please disable WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY in your wp-config.php file. what do I do?????

  7. Goh Yuen Lu Avatar

    Thanks for your tutorial, i added the shop catalog in few minutes! Yesterday I had gone through a painful path try to add shop catalog on facebook but failed! This is very easy~! Thanks again~!

  8. Pappu Sabnani Avatar

    Thank you so much!!!

  9. Jamie Shaw Avatar

    hi guys when i download the plugin it is a whole folder of things so i am not sure what to upload to my site

  10. Cris LL Avatar

    Great tutorial! Question? Is this a better option to StoreYa?

  11. M Zeina Avatar

    Stuck on the Get Started page. Clicking the button does not progress to the settings as in your video. Can you help

  12. Fisnik Siqani Avatar

    Dear Darrel i all ready do what u say on video but my products doesnt show on my facebook page. I allready used whoo feed to feed facebook with products! What i need to do and my shop to look like yours?

  13. duke osain Avatar

    Hello thanks for the video,
    i have installed the plugin on my store but only few of the product are available on my facebook, how can i solve that issue so that on my product are will be pushed to facebook?

  14. Best Branding Avatar

    Hi Darrel, I had the Storeya facebook shop installed, a few days ago and I removed it, and deleted the store on my facebook page, now the woocommerce shop will not connect with facebook, I can't seem to find where or how to delete or replace a facebook pixel. can you advise what I should do?

  15. Alan Scott Avatar

    Hi Darrel,

    I've followed you instructions to the letter, but I seem to have a problem with the set up of facebook plugin. When I click on the get started button on the integration page nothing happens. I've uninstalled the plugin Twice and followed your instructions again but still nothing. Any ideas or fixes?

    Keep up the good work with your videos very helpful.

  16. Be Komal Mittal Avatar

    Hey darrel , I used this plugin, i had around 230 products in my woocommerce store , but only 80 got synced out of them, rest are showing not synced in woocommerce, please help !

  17. Theodor Imholz Avatar

    Warning: This plugin (although free) does not transfer variable products correctly. It lacks convenience. For instance: it is not possible to exclude or omit the transfer for certain products. Once the products are on facebook, there is no way to delete them again. Sorry, but this plugin is rather premature.

  18. Rizal Perdana Avatar

    Hi Darrel, it's work for me. but i have 1 question for you. why in my facebook page, all the product doesnt have any picture showed?thx

  19. Jack Sammarco Avatar

    Darrel, you absolutely saved my Facebook store. I was using Storeya, and they wiped most of my products after their 14 day trial right when I was about to begin marketing on Facebook so I had an empty store and didn't know how I was going to continue selling my products. I would have lost a ton of money and time if that happened while I was trying to market on facebook. Thank you so much, you saved my website.

  20. Rosen & Mina Rusinov Avatar

    Thank you, Darrel, for this video I installed the plugin Works great the only issue I have and seems to be for other users Is syncing the products.Everytime The plugin picks the picture I don't Want and if I decide to change it doesn't synchronize with Facebook.I guess is because is Free.Let me know if you have the same problem .Thanks, Mate!Great work!

  21. Akporesiri Omene Avatar

    Can you make a tutorial on how to make a restaurant website?

  22. Exlan Tech™ Avatar

    I dont understand this I click on "Get Started" nothing happends? Any help please

  23. Abu Rayhan Avatar

    an you tell me how can i unlink woocomeerce from my facebook page.. after installing this it screw up my facebook shop section please get me the soluion

  24. Stacy Pardoe Avatar

    Thank you!! Can you tell me what I'm missing – how to 'hide' my out of stock items on facebook

  25. Safar De Bon Avatar

    Hey Darrel – thank you thank you thank you! I think you cannot imagine the amazing contribution and help you are providing to thousands of people – it is really something. Your tutorials are on point, at the right speed and with an awesome personality…

  26. Cosmo Solano Avatar

    Hey another great video… my only complaint, I have lots of work to do and I'm going to spend the whole day watching your videos… 🙂
    So do you recommend using this over the storeya plugin you recommended in a video from last year?

  27. Pc chathu Avatar

    Hey . i have small problem . can you give me a idea . i made a site using ShopIsle theme . but my products are not align . any way to make the get straight line .

  28. Jenair Caner Kervankiran Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial Darrel and the info….. When I update products on my website, will they be automatically updated on my Facebook page? If not, then what do I need to do to update?? Thanks in advance

  29. Pawan Creations Avatar

    I have a small grocery store I want develop my website.. Can you make website for groceries stores

  30. BEST TSEB Avatar

    hey darrel , i know it is outside the subject , i wanna ask if there is a size lmit for digital downloads on wordpress ?

  31. NHL ONLINE SHOP Avatar

    i think i never logged into wordpress, but im using wordpress to make my website now, and the user and passward doesnt match with wordpress org

  32. Mach Avatar

    Hey Darrel
    Can you advise how to fast and easy ad products on wc?? i heard abt pars(scrawling) im talking abt dropshipping.
    Maybe you know how to do that

    thank you in advance

  33. Dhanushka Herath Avatar

    Hi Darrel
    I need to know how to add the woocommerce to WordPress.plz give me a link if you have

  34. Avatar

    Great Darrel! Thanks! 😀

  35. JJ J Avatar

    What about duplicate content issues ?

  36. AirBuddy Avatar

    Another great video, brother I love your tutorials…. I am always waiting for ur explanatory videos…. the way u explain.. ahhh u r just awesome…..whether it's about "plugins" or "wordpress"… I need some Help…i need to manually code something like "CSS" "JAVA SCRIPT" "HTML"…maybe u can start a new series ..So we all can be benefited…except manual coding u have covered almost all things… I have to learn coding….. (& I don't know any language) brother u can help us.

  37. Jim Cervo Avatar

    Does this plugin override an existing Facebook Store?

  38. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Let me know how it works for your store! Its FREE! Get it while it last!

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