How to Create a Facebook Store with WordPress 2016 | Sell On Facebook with WooCommerce!

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Learn how to connect your ecommerce wordpress website with facebook so you can sell on facebook and create your facebook online store! In this tutorial, I will show you how to can link your ecommerce wordpress to your facebook fan page so you can start to sell all your products on facebook as well! Today, i think everyone is on facebook so its important not to leave out people who might be interested in your product. You can create your own facebook online store while selling on your ecommerce wordpress website as well with woocommerce. The woocommerce plugin integrates with facebook really easily so it shouldn’t be a problem!

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35 responses to “How to Create a Facebook Store with WordPress 2016 | Sell On Facebook with WooCommerce!”

  1. Axle Gallardo Avatar

    you're God send bruh…

  2. Tawanna Rucker Avatar

    This is awesome. Thank you! I'm so ready to create my Facebook store.

  3. Steven Motmans Avatar

    Hello Darrel,
    Thanks for this great video. It is really usefull.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Cosmo Solano Avatar

    Darrel, great job, that was the easiest thing I've done with my store in all these years. I can't believe I haven't done this yet. THANKS!

  5. David Doder Avatar

    I love this!! Thanks

  6. sbonelo shezi Avatar

    hy Darrel my name is Sbonelo from South Africa. i like to say thank you for your videos i really really love your work and I have created my first online store using your videos, so keep on doing the great job and God bless you and your family

  7. Sean Carmody Avatar

    Another super video…Thanks Darrel…Sean UK

  8. Avatar

    For stores that sell clothing or similar, the plugin is pretty useless!
    There are no variable options that also come in (size, color, etc)

  9. Dyslexia Arts Avatar

    Thanks you I love the video, great and understanding.

  10. Jokūbas Maknavičius Avatar

    I need speed up WordPress website can you help

  11. mirjana72003 Avatar

    Thank you Darrel, I did the process step by step with your video and my store is now on Facebook! Just like magic! Thanks a million!

  12. Dynamic Video Animation Avatar

    Fab!!! I've done it! Thanks a lot Darrel, didn't even know I could do this.

  13. Deus Performance Avatar

    Hi Darrel, great video thanks! Having some difficulties, although my store has been published it still isn't available to view. When I try to access it from my phone I get an error message saying the page is unavailable to view. Any help woud be greatly appreciated.

  14. alex cross Avatar

    Thank you very much for this video

  15. Tawanna Rucker Avatar

    This is amazing! Thank you!!

  16. big white guru Avatar

    love the details step by step most don't do this

  17. Jennifer Slater-Sanchez Avatar

    can you choose specific products from website to sale on facebook page?

  18. Michael Torrevillas Avatar

    nice job but good for you not for ours xD it's not free

  19. Soufian Boukhasmar Avatar

    is that free ? open your facebook store ? should i pay to storya or its free ?

  20. Lyallpur Shopping Solutions Avatar

    Well we have successfully imported our store on Facebook, however, every time I press the Publish Store Button it shows me all the plans and the free one. I press Go Free and a dialog box appears saying, "In order to Publish your store you need to be logged into Storeya", whereas I am already logged into their store on on other tab. Have tried it several times but still same issue. Please guide me a way forward. Thanks

  21. Marcella Harris Avatar

    Thanks for doing this video, Darrel! I followed your steps but I get this message when I click on the 'visit store' link from my Storeya dashboard– ''Admin? You are currently not logged as such 🙂 Please make sure you are logged into Facebook with the personal profile that is the admin of this fan page.''. Do you have any ideas to why my Fanpage shows this? Just so you know, it also has the Facebook store coming soon pic underneath the message. Any advice is appreciated!

  22. Pannana Jakkawan Avatar

    Thanks for the video, you are the best Darrel!!

  23. Rodney Caviness Avatar

    is they're a direct download for the plugin

  24. Rodney Caviness Avatar

    Does the storeya capture the header on the page or just the product columns & rows

  25. Hany Danial Avatar

    Great job Darrel, thank you for the information

  26. Hasanar Rashid Avatar

    hi bro, from philippines here. Adding plug-in on wordpress only available for premium users?

  27. doha household Avatar

    my website products images are not getting displayed on facebook store please help me

  28. Céline YES WE CARDS Avatar

    Thanks for this video. It's helped me a lot. Now I have my own store on my facebook page Youuuuhouuu ! I'm going to look at your other tutorials. Best regards from France 🙂

  29. BEVERLEY Brookes Avatar

    great video. Love it ☺

  30. Inah Almeida Avatar

    It was very helpful. Thank you

  31. Jonathan Rodriguez Avatar

    will you have a part 2, to this video?
    on the, like tips and trick or tutorial for

  32. matilda bozeman Avatar

    hi thanks great video please can you send me a link to get the already downloaded plugin i will be greatful thanks

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