How To Create a Hexagonal Geometric Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator video tutorial we’re going to create a simple geometric pattern using a bunch of hexagons and a nice colour scheme, finished off with some subtle textures. I’ve done a couple of tutorials based on this style of artwork in the past, but I’ve since been enlightened about a third party script that alleviates the tedious process of manually applying the colours, which is the technique I showed in my previous videos.

Free Subtle Grunge Concrete Textures –

Random Swatches Fill Illustrator Script –

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19 responses to “How To Create a Hexagonal Geometric Pattern in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. pine pine Avatar

    brilliant tutorial, fast and concise… just on point

  2. Pablox Mndoza Avatar

    Great Video!! thank You!!

  3. Amirul Idzham Avatar

    It's not loaded, I try to import but nothing happen

  4. Aliza Rizvi Avatar

    You remind me of little finger from GOT…

  5. Chiara Catalini Avatar

    What kind of shortcut did you use to copy the shapes in order ? I tried with ctrl+cmd+D but does not work πŸ™

  6. Shivakumar Kanmani Avatar

    I like your tutorials. simple and effective !
    Keep it up πŸ™‚

  7. Juan M. Lucero Avatar

    Thank you, Chris, for excellent tutorials and the free resources.

  8. Evil Harb Avatar

    Question: if possible, can we save this pattern as a background to put into some within Photoshop? If so, how?

  9. Umerz Mania Avatar

    A sub support needed and ill sub support back to you too Peace πŸ™‚

  10. Dickysasalma Avatar

    What's the name of your background music

  11. Adam Avatar

    Trying to install the Random Swatches Fill Illustrator Script and will get a Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl (on Windows Defender)

  12. Ellen Hunt Avatar

    This is incredible – thanks for sharing your talent with us! I never knew Illustrator had scripts until I started watching your vids πŸ™‚

  13. MrMirofl [Purcy aka Cusor] Avatar

    Nice and simple.
    Good video!


    heyy this Awesomw….very thanks!!!

  15. Sabir Ali Avatar

    Thanks Chris for another nice tutorial and Configuration reaching 100000 subscriber .

  16. 3:00am Media Avatar

    Awesome once again!

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