How To Create a Music Festival Poster Design in Photoshop

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial we’re going to create a bright and colourful poster design for the fictional Summer Sounds music festival. I recently launched my new Acrylic Design Toolkit over at the Design Cuts Marketplace, so this artwork has been created using a small selection of the items from the pack, which you can download for free in order to follow along.

Buy my new Acrylic Design Toolkit on the Design Cuts Marketplace:

Download the Free Acrylic Toolkit Sample Pack:

Fonts used:
Have Heart:

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42 responses to “How To Create a Music Festival Poster Design in Photoshop”

  1. Darren Trentacosta Avatar

    Damn, you just literally answered all my questions in 7 mins…wow!

  2. tungyan so Avatar

    Thanks for sharing !
    I've followed your instructions and created my own version of this beautiful design.
    Hoping to see more great tutorials from you.

  3. baki.ibrahim deepbreath Avatar

    My goodness you r soo talented..

  4. Barbara Churchill Avatar

    Such a great video! One problem I am having, when I Select the Rectangle’s layer mask in the layers panel, then use the shortcut ALT+Backspace to fill this selection with black, and erase some of the square shape, the marching ants of the first shape don't every go away and everytime I want to do something with another layer, the ghost of those orange paint strokes are part of each layer, now. How do I stop that? Thank you for your time!

  5. TheYasawy97 Avatar

    I'm stuck on 2:55. I just make a huge white box. Like one with the insides filled already not & a cutout like yours.

  6. The template guy Avatar

    You can find templates for posters like this on my channel.

  7. Karim Abdelzaher Avatar

    May I ask you a question? How to e creative?

  8. DARK WALL Studios Avatar

    thanks for the tutorial but got stuck between 3:163:26…..don't know what to do in windows tried your way but didn't work….help

  9. Bryan Mah Avatar

    Hey mate, thanks for these amazing tutorials! Mind if you explain how you filled the election in black in the layer mask because I'm working on PS CC 2017 on a Mac and when I followed your steps, nothing happened 🙁

  10. Alejandro Trucco Avatar

    Your tutoriales are great! thank you so much! cheers from Argentina

  11. ernest ivan reyes Avatar

    alt backspace not working i'm using windows and they say use ctrl alt backspace, but it doesnt work either

  12. Ivan Coutinho Avatar

    I can-t do when u say, then hold the CMD key while clicking on the thumbnail of the Summer Harvest texture layer to loads its selection. Select the Rectangle’s layer mask in the layers panel, then use the shortcut ALT+Backspace to fill this selection with black, and thus effectively erasing this portion of the shape.

  13. Señorita Drew Avatar

    ive learnt more from you than my two years of uni….thank you!

  14. Bruno Dias Avatar

    One more awesome tutorial!! Thx Chris!!

  15. Glenn Duguid Avatar

    "To give it more presence…"

  16. FadedDesigns Avatar

    theres a summer sound festival in my country tho

  17. Besnik Ibrahimi Avatar

    Wow, that was great. I havne't seen so perfect, quick tutorials. I subd immediately.

  18. Mashable Avatar

    Thank you so much 🙂 Please make more of these.

  19. 박수연 Avatar

    thank you for your video!! i learned a lot

  20. Salina Fernandez Avatar

    Wow thanks for this tutorial, such a great help for starters like me, great technique!

  21. Ahmdfazz Avatar

    how to create rectangle and change red colour to blue?

  22. Shaun Avatar

    awwwwesome loooove, though at 3:24 I cant transfer the orange background to the new 2nd layer after selecting the orange :/
    I dont know what to do to make the transfer

  23. Duran Diesel Avatar

    Man this toolkit is brilliant !

  24. rmophtgrphy Avatar

    Which size did you use?

  25. Muhammad Fadillah Syukri Avatar

    Kool! thx for shared, subscribed

  26. Digyant Avatar

    hey i m not clear with the step when u create a layer mask for the rectangle and then select the thumbnail while pressing the cmd key {3:16} . cn u pls tell me in detail cause i m not clear with that step. thx pls reply fast

  27. Varun Kumar Avatar

    Love every single one of your tutorials! You're the best! Thank you for the sample files 🙂

  28. Binjubel Avatar

    Awesome mate. Nice sharing, I love it. Maybe this item will help you to show your design :

  29. Magesh Sridhar Avatar

    Can you do a tutorial on how to make a facet(justin maller's artworks)?
    P.S. Your tutorials are soo good!!

  30. mosaref hossain Avatar

    you make creative design. Bangladesh

  31. E Venice Avatar

    Maybe you can do an tutorial on how to make an intro

  32. Tobi Carandang Avatar

    This is beautifully done! Can't believe I've only found you now. Had to subscribe. Can't wait to see more vids soon! 🙂

  33. Bruno Oliveira Avatar

    I would like to see an alternative opcion for windows keyboard.
    Good video, but cold be perfect. 🙂

  34. Red Beard Avatar

    hero doesn't always wear a cap, this one use photoshop to save people

  35. Flora Roy Avatar

    What would be a free alternative to the Have Heart font?

  36. Maria Antónia Santiago Avatar

    how do I install the acrylic toolkit? Extract to… where? THANK's a lot!

  37. amydotx Avatar

    Such a great tutorial! Loved it! 🙂

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