How To Create A Real Estate Website With WordPress 2017

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In this video, I will teach you how to make a fully responsive real estate wordpress website. This wordpress tutorial will help real estate agents, realtors, or property managers create a fully functional real estate wordpress website. The theme i use in this tutorial is the agentpress pro theme created by studiopress. Trust me, i spent about 1 month researching real estate wordpress themes and this was by far the best real estate websites. The theme is very easy to use and very responsive on the mobile devices.

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07:12 Get Hosting And FREE Domain

14:05 Install Agentpress Pro Theme

20:32 Install Plugins For WordPress Theme

28:26 Intro To Widgets To Design Front Page

33:14 How To Resize Images For Your WordPress Website

34:45 Create A Property Listing

45:05 Registering Taxonomies

01:03:45 Creating The Middle Section

01:12:26 Creating Bottom Section

1:15:00 Creating The Footer Section

1:23:00 Creating The Sidebar

1:27:10 Creating a Logo

1:31:12 Using The Elementor Page Builder

1:42:55 Elementor Page Builder Tutorial


1:56:19 Mailchimp email setup

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28 responses to “How To Create A Real Estate Website With WordPress 2017”

  1. Brian Murphy Avatar

    you pic monkey is not free

  2. Abhishek Sharma Avatar

    its it possible to make the similar website without buying a theme

  3. Kayden Gillespie Avatar

    Do you have a daughter named dayna?

  4. Cecil McDaniel Avatar

    on the agentpress search which is added after you have created your taxonomies isn't working for me right now. the order that the fields appeared were ot that same as had so I deleted the taxonomies and want to reregister now.

  5. Joel Munsong Avatar

    Bro that was awesome, I hav one question though… can I list a particular listing of my choice in the Featured Listings (Home-Top) widget area..??? Thanks….

  6. Ricky Estera Avatar

    Hi Darren, do you build real estate sites for others?

  7. Muzammil Aslam Avatar

    hello sir want to make web portal website can u help me

  8. Harsh Dev Sharma Avatar

    Hey Nice tutorial.
    I would be great if you make a video in future on real estate website with free theme.

  9. steve mears Avatar

    Great work Darrel. Thanks for this turorial. My website looks great. Quick question – How do I change the the property details in the listings page? In Spain we use square metres and not square feet. Hopefully you advise me, thanks again.

  10. Jonathan Mellon Avatar

    hey dude this is really cool. 1 question: how many dollars does this cost? themes, hosting , plugins? per year or once off.

  11. ejunkie Avatar

    Stumbled on to your video while researching for real estate wp themes. Excellent tutorial. You won a new sub! Just one quick question – in the listing page can i delete and change the property details? Thanks.

  12. Festie2708 Avatar

    Hi, is there a way to change the language of the property details? Also can I add different details? Thx for the video!

  13. Giovanni Hidalgo Avatar

    congrats for this amazing video,excuse me, by any chance do you have any real estate website tutorial with divi theme builder?

  14. rodrigo daniels Avatar

    Hi there Darrel: I'm not sure if this question has been asked in some form or another, but is this YouTube tutorial going to cost us $99 or $33? You have pretty much been my main go to guy for wordpress/divi education, and I have duplicated some of your first Youtube tutorials that came with free themes. But I have decided to jump ahead to your current videos and do this real estate tutorial as my next project (I will soon be doing a few pro-bono sites to build my portfolio) to get as much experience as possible. I am subscribed to Elegant themes, but this theme does not come from there. So if I buy this for strictly tutorial purposes, do I just pay the 33, or do i still have to pay the 99? Thanks again, you are great.

  15. hamiltonspain Avatar

    Thank you very much for this tutorial!! It has helped inmensely!! I just have one question: How can I change the property details on a listing?

  16. Linda Belcher Avatar

    What about adding MLS listing to search feature. Is this included in theme?

  17. Linda Belcher Avatar

    Great tutorial! Thank you!

  18. Alpha Indigo Avatar

    Hey Darrel how can i purchase this theme in 33 $. it shows 99.95 $

  19. ScenicGuides gaming Avatar

    can i use this tutorial even if i dont have a mac computer like you?

  20. ScenicGuides gaming Avatar

    can i pay with a debit card?

  21. ScenicGuides gaming Avatar

    if i live in mexico can  still use this tutorial ?

  22. Alex Barcenas Avatar

    Great video so far. The code for the footer is not in the description. Can you please add it. Thank you.

  23. George Gewarges Avatar

    Thanks for the video. I purchased the theme and have ran into some questions I'm hoping you can answer… 1 – the Taxanomies that I created do not appear in my widget (50:48 of your video). I have created them and see them in the Dashboard. 2 – 1:18:42 of the video – the text you copied and pasted from the URL you mention earlier in the website – I don't see the link below as you mentioned. Can you post that? Thanks!

  24. Gaston Diaz Avatar

    I can't find the text for the footer can you send it to me?

  25. Veronicazlife Avatar

    Does this theme search MLS for Canada market ???

  26. Alexandre D'acol Avatar

    Is there any way to edit the search options like removing and adding new , instead of bedrooms or square feet I could write something else instead of it?

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