How To Create a Retro Style Badge Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Follow this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to learn how to create a retro style circular emblem, which are really popular as trendy logos or badges. We’ll build up the design with vector shapes, then apply some texturing to give it an aged and distressed appearance.

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30 responses to “How To Create a Retro Style Badge Logo in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. sujit karat Avatar

    Thanks a lot Sir!!

  2. arsalan khan Avatar

    Great Bro…..Greater Designer in the world.I like your technique and logo.

  3. Eryk Cilencièr Avatar

    For some reason i cannot copy and paste the "powerhouse gym" text to make the secondary text. it's just deleting my preexisting text instead (5:06)

  4. Claudiu VAS Avatar

    You have good intentions with this video but damn your speaking… i listened parts of the vid 5 times just to understand a simple action…

  5. Samuel Kobilo Avatar

    Hi, I subscribed! Thank you for the straight forward tutorial..

  6. Captain Chuck Avatar

    Good job, BUT WAY to fast . . .

  7. Adeel Avatar

    stuck on 5:10 where you copy paste the text on a path circle . which shortcut key you used to paste on path circle. Because when i try to paste it, it doesn`t paste on path circle rather as simple text on my background.

  8. Sebastian Morris Avatar

    I worked out at powerhouse lol

  9. ilamali hilustan Avatar

    Best tutorial.. Perfect Speed. Thank you!

  10. Aeryes Avatar

    This video is way to fast. For someone trying to learn how to use Illustrator you sure are not making it easy with the speed.

  11. Sean Norton Avatar

    Agree with to fast for the video, unable to copy and paste on the path. Also had to do it a bit differently with the circles. Unless its Illustrator 2017.

  12. mahmod abdulsalam Avatar

    .nice tutorial thank you

  13. xSccott Avatar

    Nice tutorial mate, I go to Powerhouse gym in Donnington, Shropshire

  14. FlashP Editor Avatar

    Hey how to add texture to Clipboard ?????????

  15. salvadormarley Avatar

    You're stuff is ok but you rush and don't teach properly

  16. максим задорожний Avatar

    It is a very suitable video for people, who only started to invesigate the awesome ability of Illustrator. I really appreciate what you do, because you share your potential with other people and help them. Thanks


    Put an Arabic translation

  18. Sarina Wolfgang Avatar

    This was fabulous!! Using it for my students section on my website and I absolutely love it!

  19. access network Avatar

    this tutorial is for advance user of ai

  20. krishna choudhary Avatar

    Thank you! helpful tutorial

  21. Negru Corneliu Avatar

    Toooooo FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  22. Mark A Avatar

    Fantastic video! You crushed it. Quick question…if you wanted to use the finished logo as a single color design, how would you knock out white color? Thanks!

  23. Edward Dudley Avatar

    How come no one every covers how to export?

  24. Xavi Panneton Avatar

    are you the same SPOON that used to do rave flyers back in the day?

  25. Elaine Torres Avatar

    Just once I want to hear this guy say… "Tell that to Kanja Club…" 🙂

  26. zoltan csete Avatar

    awesome tutorial, very easy to follow thanks

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