How To Create a Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator CS6 & CC

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21 responses to “How To Create a Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator CS6 & CC”

  1. oOcitizenOo Avatar

    Sorry to say, but i can't do this in PS. I mean, i used to do it and everything worked perfect but now when i try to Shift Anchor point (like in 3:12) in PS CC it doesn't do the thing like shown in the video. It makes a parabola (rounded shape). So what's the issue with that?

  2. Aleksej Kolesnikov Avatar

    Thank you very cool tutorial! Keep posting more tutorials.

  3. Shannon Lee Avatar

    I learned a lot more then just the ribbon! I'm a shortcut junkie… thanks for all the tips!!! WhooHoo!

  4. Cocktail - كوكتيل Avatar

    Dude ! You Got The Best Content On Youtube ! You Are The Best , I Learned A Lot From You , Thanks .
    Keep Making Great Content ! Luv You <3

  5. Katelin Bolig Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

  6. Thelitebeaner99 Avatar

    Really good video this is really helpful

  7. Howl Artwork Avatar

    Big help – thanks man. Also followed on Instagram!

  8. lexorwhatever Avatar

    Will! Thank you so much for this video. My Design Lab instructor moves SO fast and is not nice about asking questions and I was so lost until I found your channel. It's like the one-on-one tutoring I've been needing. Thank you again!

  9. Nicole Greco Avatar

    I'm at 3:13 when you add the indent to the square on the right. Every time I try to do it, it just re-sizes the whole square. I added the anchor points. Please help!

  10. Isa Bresciani Avatar

    You awesome!… You explained it better than my professor at college :P……. Thanks from Costa Rica

  11. aresinnet Avatar

    Excellent. Thank you very much. I just made my own ribbons for my logo.

  12. Hamdi Armagan Avatar

    One must not talk that much.

  13. Aiden Patrick Avatar

    I thought this was something that would be hard to master, but you make it simple. Cool video.

  14. Transbeman 101 Avatar

    You stupid noob.
    fgt much? 
    Cry pls 😀 <9 <- Sweg

  15. AwesomeStuffHD Avatar

    Pretty terrible tutorial, to be frank. Had a hard time following what you were doing or what you were saying.

  16. Luan Felipe Avatar

    I'm Brazillian, you teach better than a lot of teachers..  you're amazing ! 

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