How To Create a Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Today we’re going to play around in Adobe Illustrator to create a seamlessly repeating pattern. Since it’s almost Halloween, we’ll make a pattern out of spooky illustrations, then add a couple of cool finishing touches to give the artwork a retro style print effect with subtle ink bleeds and misregistration.

Download the original sketch image:

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19 responses to “How To Create a Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Day Hop Avatar

    I didn't even know about that pattern button, thank you!

  2. Mihai Alex Avatar

    Best tutorial, up to date, new stuff, useful, You ROCK!

  3. FiTyMi85 Avatar

    very very helpful and to the point. Thank you!

  4. cordney ellis Avatar

    I'm seeing seems in my pattern when I transferred it to my fashion sketches. Is it because I have it scaled down to 25%?

  5. 37thBlitz Avatar

    Hi, when I try to move stuff within my pattern it doesn't affect the rest of it like it did on yours. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and every other tutorial I've watched is for the bounding box option which… I also can't seem to make seamless. I really could use some help. Please let me know.

  6. Juliana Coelho Avatar

    Thank youuuuu! You don't know how you've helped me :). Do you know how can I add a color to the background? I'm trying but it isn't working!

  7. Shannon Ferguson Avatar

    You are a lifesaver! These are little things they really should have taught us in college and I can't believe they didn't.

  8. Paige Jones Avatar

    youtube is my university; great tutorial thanks!!

  9. Yadira Hdez Avatar

    Chris, great tutorial as always! I checked out your website today and was pleasantly surprised! Awesome "responsify" job! ツ

  10. P. A. McKenna Avatar

    Great video, thanks. Can all of this be achieved with Illustrator 9, do you know? Also, I have Photoshop CS5 – would it be possible to create it with that and save it as a vector image?

  11. Jose Diaz H Avatar

    Excelente, muchas gracias por compartir!

  12. serge paulus Avatar

    simple and useable – thanks !

  13. Marcos Cortes Avatar

    Goooood as always !!!

  14. Elle Jay Gee Avatar

    Dude you have NO idea how much you're helping me out in GD school

  15. Yorian Eisses Avatar

    Hey! I would like you do show some more things on Photoshop.
    But anyways I liked the video and hope you do more awesome stuff in the future!
    – Yorian

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