How To Create a Selective Color Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

In today’s Adobe Photoshop video tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a popular photo effect that goes by many names, including selective colour photography, spot colour photography, colour isolation photography, partial colour photography, colour splash photography, colour accent photography and many many more! No matter what you want to call it, it’s where a photograph is converted to black and white with a single colour preserved to highlight specific areas.

Puppy photo from –
Matte Split Toning Effect in Photoshop –

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14 responses to “How To Create a Selective Color Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. 92observer Avatar

    Great video. very helpful Thanks a lot! 😀 Keep making more please

  2. Aaditya Bawkar Avatar

    can you make a tutorial of coreldraw also…..

  3. Roberto Braicovick Avatar

    Grazie, sempre utilissimi i tuoi tutorial !

  4. Ellen Hunt Avatar

    WOW that is way better than the pen tool clipping I've been doing. Thanks for the tip – I just subscribed – can't wait to see what else you can teach me 😀

  5. Maestro Avatar

    straight and to the point. nicely done

  6. Vansh J Avatar

    You really deserve more views and subscribers. Your videos are such high quality even though your views are low compared to what they should be. Never stop making videos mate. 🙂

  7. Jack Williams Avatar

    Chris, Have You Thought Of A Name For Your Fans On Your Other Channels, Such As Maybe The "Spooners" Or "Spoons" ??

  8. Jack Williams Avatar

    Wow! Ive Only Just Realised How Much Your Channel Has Grown! Way To Go!

  9. Made By Cosmic Avatar

    Good tutorial, Chris. I learn something new every time I watch your videos!

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