How To Create a Squarespace Website – Bedford

Learn how to create a Squarespace website step by step with no step skipped. You will learn how to build the website, make a logo, get a domain, edit pages, setup navigation, get support and get your own domain name.

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Have fun 🙂






42 responses to “How To Create a Squarespace Website – Bedford”

  1. ilham dimas Avatar

    Can you give me the code ?

  2. Ralph von Minden Avatar

    Great tutorial. Thanks 🙂

  3. Shakeh Davidian Avatar

    Awesome…The best tutorial ever! Just wondering if on a Personal Plan using the Bradford template, can one add (multiple choice) PayPal button for a service and if so, please tell me how ? Thank you.

  4. Amico Group Avatar

    I just want to know how do I share my website after I finish without a need to give any login information to my visitors.?

  5. usman rasheed Avatar

    This was the best tutorial and step by step I have seen in my life.Thank you so much tyler and yes you did a phenomeal job in this tutorial.

  6. Michelle Tucker Avatar

    This was so helpful. Clearly explained and reiterated multiple times which really helped me to understand the functionality of squarespace. Thank you again. All the best to you:)

  7. Pamela Harper Avatar

    Awesome tutorial – Yes Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!! This is exactly what I needed.

  8. Emanuel Barajas Avatar

    Very Helpful, Thanks

  9. Benjamin Pratt Avatar

    Very helpful!! I wish Squarespace had a way to select a template based on the features you need. CAn you suggest one if I tell you my needs?

  10. Dubious Jesse Avatar

    Squarespace or WordPress for a blog?

  11. Jon Weaver Avatar

    Thanks Tyler. Your tutorial helped me decide that squarespace is the one for me. And i didn't forget to enter "savecode" when purchasing 🙂

  12. Jaye Avatar

    This is by far the most helpful tutorial I have seen yet. Thankyou so much

  13. Dylan Bates Films Avatar

    I don't normally write comments, but I just wanted to tell you excellent job on this tutorial. It was easy, concise and covered a massive amount of material. Keep doing what you are doing.

  14. Andsegs Avatar

    You just saved me $500 – $1,000. Thank you! I am forever indebted to you and will share this like crazy

  15. Catherine Webb Avatar

    This tutorial was so helpful. I have literally built my whole website just need to personalise it. Thank you for the video

  16. RUITING LIU Avatar

    thank u 1 billion times


    Once you go live with your website can you edit things later?

  18. Hector Mendoza Avatar

    5:40 Demo begins // Home page building
    18:06 What we do page
    21:53 Projects page
    24:17 Partners page
    26:37 Contact page
    29:41 News page/Blog page
    37:46 Read Me page
    46:12 Take Action page
    49:37 Home page alternative
    51:18 Connecting Social Media
    55:14 Upload Logo

  19. Kat Baumgartner Avatar

    Hi! Thank you for a great tutorial! I am BRAND NEW to web design and this was really helpful. I do have one question though…where were you getting the text for the clip board from? Was it something you set up prior to creating the pages? I understand that you had the images saved in folders somewhere prior to, but am not really clear on where the clip board text came from originally …? Thanks!

  20. jagruti patel Avatar

    Great tutorial
    Thank you so much

  21. toty low Avatar

    Best tutorial step by step, congratz! new sub here an thumps up!!!

  22. dhruba rivu Avatar

    Tyler, Is this free or do I need to buy something from Squrespace as well ?

  23. david santana Avatar

    19:49 Damn you type fast as hell

  24. Brent Anderson Avatar

    Awesome tutorial Tyler. Thank you very much.

  25. Lisa Battista Avatar

    I'm sure you've heard this a billion times, but I seriously love you for doing this. This was so helpful, and I now have a useful, effective website. Thank you!

  26. SJR Performing Arts Avatar

    The BEST tutorial! I've been struggling with some of the formatting and your tutorial taught me how to fix my issues in minutes. Wish I'd have known about you sooner, would have saved me hours (and aggravation). THANK YOU!!

  27. 1980sFreak Avatar

    Super helpful video! Thank you!

  28. Lauren Davis Avatar

    Easy to follow! Thank you

  29. _hjane Avatar

    Hi! I have been working with square space, I would like to add click through links for my images in my gallery. So when you go to my gallery and click a photo it would send you to the blog post about that photo…I haven't had any luck…any suggestions?

  30. Doris Young Avatar

    Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  31. Aditi Singh Avatar

    Hi Tyler, I have been watching your videos, they are great – super relevant! Please keep doing them 😀

    I find though with so much info, still I cannot put together basic list of things to consider when comparing WordPress vs. Squarespace and so on. Like ease of set up, hosting cost, annual maintenance, edit time ease, CMS speed etc.

    Can you do a quick video on A to Z on what to consider when wanting to build and maintain a website

  32. Silvina Neder Avatar

    Thank you, Tyler! SUPER USEFUL!

    I already have a Squarespace account for my current website (Created a year ago by a designer).
    Now I am starting a new business, so I want to create a separate new website.
    Yesterday I bought a domain for my new page with my current Squarespace account (I started there because I didn't know anything!): Would it be possible to link my new page to this new domain once I had my new page created?

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH for the tutorial. It is brilliant!

  33. Aaron Mehdizadeh Avatar

    incredibly helpful!!!

  34. Gabriel Gabaldon Avatar

    Hi Tyler, question, the home page can you delete the words or come already with the format?

  35. Yanis L Avatar

    Your video is very clear and complete. Thanks !

  36. Stover PiX Avatar

    Wow. Thanks for editing to be concise. you saved us ALL a lot of time.

  37. Shirley Williams Avatar

    The best tutorial I've seen for a beginner like me. Thanks!

  38. Ray Langenbach Avatar

    Is it possible to create a graphic of a timeline, with thumbnails linking to pages?

  39. epics7 Avatar

    background image. How do you size the image to fit the background?

  40. noreaction Avatar

    can we get a table of contents in the description

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