How To Create a Stylish Single Weight Line Art Logo in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to look at creating a stylish single weight line art logo. Even though the entire design is made just using lines, there’s a range of Illustrator tools and techniques we’ll use throughout this tutorial that you can incorporate into your arsenal. This style of illustration is pretty popular with badge style logo designs, particularly those with an outdoors theme with landscape scenes, so that’s the type of design I’ll be making in this guide. It features a simplistic mountain range with trees, clouds and snow capped peaks, along with stylised linework to represent water and sun rays.

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44 responses to “How To Create a Stylish Single Weight Line Art Logo in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Made Frans Avatar

    hi, what the name style of this design like this? very nice

  2. Stoyan Avatar

    Amazing ! Thanks for the great tutorial! 🙂

  3. Sofia A Avatar

    i'm shooketh at how much more I learned in a video than in my graphics course

  4. Rudolph Prather Avatar

    Great tutorial!! Thank you sir.

  5. Tori Hasty Avatar

    Thank you, beautiful human <3

  6. R Ant Avatar

    This is without any doubt one of your top ten tuts.
    Please more, more, more of these. Just when I believed I was ahead of the game…

  7. Jennefer Silva Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this! I've learned a lot! <3 <3 <3

  8. Egzon Ymeri Avatar

    Very very usefull, Thanks !!

  9. Lauren Skinner Avatar

    So helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hinako Asanuma Avatar

    Thank you! This video was really helpful! awesome

  11. Nisrina Khairunnisa Avatar

    thank you for your simple explanation 🙂

  12. Paulo Batista Avatar

    Very very good tutorial! And awesome time saving tricks! Thanks!!

  13. Kristina Palic Avatar

    I just LOVE your tutorials. Such a good explanations, so many useful tricks + your amazing accent ! xx

  14. Michael Seelbach Avatar

    Could you do a Tutorial how to do this Logo with GIMP??? Please

  15. Kendall Stark Avatar

    The last part is so complicated tho :/

  16. Mayed Alhashmi Avatar

    Your tutorials are very useful! thanks!!!

  17. Alex Monterville Avatar

    Still pretty new to logo design – this definitely gave me a ton of useful stuff. Thanks a lot

  18. Joker Avatar

    Where can i get that font?

  19. Julia Mag Avatar

    at 8:30, when I go to the shape builder tool, none of the sun rays are red and I cannot remove them… anybody knows why that could be?

  20. deni hermawan Avatar

    very good tutorial, but you're too fast to explain, man 🙁

  21. Faust Avatar

    Amazing, so many short cuts and new tools, I'm in love!

  22. Morgan Bomar Avatar

    Thanks for all the shortcuts! Always great to see how someone else creates.

  23. Hanif Safwan Avatar

    well i fucked up on the sunset part , i think i just do manually from there.

  24. Abhinav Singh Avatar

    Wow.. i didn't know many things taught here. Thank you. 🙂

  25. MurryMonster Avatar

    So why do you expand it?

  26. Vitor Thomé Avatar

    Thank you so much for your great work, keep it up! Also I'm wondering where did you learned your skills from? Did you graduated on design or something similar? Thanks again!

  27. Aaron Delaveau Avatar

    great vid but too fast!

  28. hashmi studios Avatar

    hey guys i've made a tutorial can some check that out..!!

  29. Conc Avatar

    You gotta do more of this lineart style, Sir! Awesome tutorial, love it!

  30. Ikonne Paul Avatar

    you blew my mind with that offset path

  31. Ajar Avatar

    Hey man, i really want to know more about freelance graphic design and how to come about it im 17 its hard to come across advice

  32. Julie Brondeel Avatar

    good tutorial but you lost me at 8:40. The tempo is a bit too fast for me

  33. KINZU Y. Avatar

    Thanks so much!

  34. Liam Ayson Avatar

    looking for ideas for a skateboard brand

  35. Harry Martin Avatar

    Great tut – but you sound like you are reading and bored – talk to me about what you're doing. Sorry, I am a media coach.

  36. Johnny Bertram Avatar

    Awesome to see your process! Thanks for posting

  37. TheParaSIET Avatar

    Awesome tutorial to learn from a master in illustrator and much more offcourse :D!

  38. Robb Vaules Avatar

    That was fast. I need to catch my breath after that one.

    Where can I get that font? Thanks.

  39. Gloria Soria Avatar

    Always learning something new from your tutorials. You rock!

  40. sfk84 Avatar

    best tutorials on youtube, thanks spoon

  41. Alexis CHEUNG Avatar

    very useful and easy to understand! Thank you so much!

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