How To Create a Trendy Folded Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

I received a great topic suggestion on Twitter recently from Furquan101, who asked if I could make a guide on creating a folded logo in the style of Android N or the new Medium branding. In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’ll show you how to create a design based on the letter M, but this folded style gives you plenty of options for producing various initials, or an abstract ribbon type icon. We’ll create the full colour primary logo graphic, then follow up with flat and mono versions that would be used in specific design scenarios.

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36 responses to “How To Create a Trendy Folded Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. tutorial by safouane Avatar

    easy and profisionel

  2. Mena Khaled Avatar

    & thanks for the great video 🙂

  3. Mena Khaled Avatar

    I didn't understand what you did at 4:30 ..

  4. shahid nizami Avatar

    Masha Allah Nice work

  5. mcbaltz Avatar

    Strange… My direct selection tool is not working like yours… 🙁

  6. mahmod abdulsalam Avatar

    one of the best design tutorial

  7. Jota Quest Avatar

    That's pretty awesome! I'm new to this. tutorials are the best way to learn! Thank you!

  8. Sarah Khan Avatar

    I love your Work! Supaaaaaa

  9. Lester Rodriguez Avatar

    Does anyone has the link to that website specific pallet? Cannot find it on that site.

  10. KathyChaos Avatar

    My gradient does not look like that. When changing the blend mode to soft light it makes all the colors much lighter, no gradient visible at all! Can't find a solution anywhere.

  11. KathyChaos Avatar

    OMG!!! So many helpful tips….thanks a million.

  12. prime envisage Avatar

    menh! this is awesome

  13. Emil Sjöberg Avatar

    Gradient doesn't work the way you explain it anymore

  14. Nanette Thelemaque Avatar

    Here are some tips when doing instructionals. Not too fast, don't say any size to start, give more info on standard size or a give a size for logos you would suggest. For newbies doing design, we need more basic direction. Otherwise, You rock!

  15. Chris-Anthony Pinnock Avatar

    Fellow Chris! Wow! That technique about making the Gradient and changing the appearance to Soft Light is genius! It's saved me so much time when selecting gradient choices now! Far less drag and eye-dropping 🙂 Great video!

  16. Varietygirl1 Avatar

    I like the general logo design tips.

  17. Alan Success Avatar

    You are amazing, man!!!!

  18. Taqy10 Avatar

    New in illustrator and already love designing world with this tutorial so brilliant thank you please create more newbie freindly tutorial like this haha XD

  19. Jeff Thom Avatar

    Cool….very nice!

  20. Husam Shareefy Avatar

    can you make a healthcare logo of (MH) letters please ?

  21. krishna gupta Avatar

    love you for this tutorial

  22. krishna gupta Avatar

    awesome explanation, WooW i was able to create the same log that you tought in tutorial ….big thanks to you (Y)

  23. Rafael Renz Dayao Avatar

    Finally, I found the right tutorial

  24. Ayodeji Adeoti Avatar

    Please i need to ask how you setup your palettes, I'm having a little trouble with the opentype panel in my Illustrator…. I'll appreciate the help. Thanks in advance

  25. Alex Augustine Avatar

    Thank you very much for this video…

  26. Philip Valenzuela Avatar

    AMAZING.. Your tutorials are a blessing from the Stars..

  27. fromCharCode Avatar

    nice one, but the shadows aren't right

  28. Loro Negro Avatar

    Hey, Nice tutorial I don´t have the best english :/ What shortcut did you use at 4:21?¿? Thank you!

  29. Crisan Damayanti Avatar

    Very helpful! Thank you for this tutorial!

  30. Darren Cardinale Avatar

    Really enjoyed watching this loving your work !

  31. Darko Simovic Avatar

    nice accent.. where are you from?

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