How To Create a Vector Polygon Logo Graphic in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to create a vector polygon style logo graphic that’s made up of numerous shapes, each with a gradient fill which gives it a faceted diamond kind of appearance. I’m using the image of a wolf’s head in this tutorial, but the same process can be used to create all kinds of abstract graphics.

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22 responses to “How To Create a Vector Polygon Logo Graphic in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Luke Johnson Avatar

    Hey man, when I try to select the shapes, all it does is give me the line, any idea why?

  2. Rebecca Avatar

    Great tutorial. I'm learning a lot!

  3. F. Funez Avatar

    really helpful, thanks alot!!!!

  4. sara wang Avatar

    Awesome tutorial! I learnt how to make vector polygon graphics somewhere else before and I was like it's taking me forever to complete the artwork. Your way of creating this is way better than any of the tutorials I saw, very inspiring, thanks Spoon

  5. Symon Alex Avatar

    thanks, it was very helpful

  6. dareGaming Avatar

    Hey Spoon, to avoid those white lines at the end in between polygons, you can make additional layer below polys and simply use a brush with color of that poly and brush it where the lines should be. Later when u save as PNG or JPEG you wont see those white lines that separate polys which would make a design more clear. 🙂 Nice work though!

  7. Deon Lordless Avatar

    When I try putting my polygon svg on my website I see dark lines then even if there arent any in the illustrator program. What to do? : (

  8. Luís Quintal Avatar

    Ah I've designed something like this back in 2013 on a freelance project, check it out

  9. Mikey Spence Avatar

    Can you do this on photoshop

  10. 허경구 Avatar

    thx for ur awesome tips !

  11. RS Avatar

    Great idea.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. LTGEN groen Avatar

    Soo cool but and easy i love it!!

  13. GoodmanoGraphics Avatar

    What font did you use? Amazing video, so helpful!

  14. Johnny Hanel Avatar

    damn this is so quick. if i were to try this without you explaining it.. i could of done it, but i would of done it a totally different way and took waaaay longer! LOL. thank for the tips! i'll def use them.

  15. Mostafa Akbari Avatar

    I love this style! It's so trendy these days.

  16. Alex Close Avatar

    Wanted to know how to do this for so long, thanks man.

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